ROCK NUC constantly runs the fan, never did that before

Hi everybody, I read from time to time, but I rarely post.
My problem is that for the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that the fan on my NUC ROCK runs all the time, but all it runs is ROCK, nothing more, no reason for it to do this. Any ideas?
It is a 7th gen I7 model, it only runs the core and nothing else, so it should be a light load on the processor, the only thing connected is a portable hard drive with music, and an ALLO Digi one.
I have turned it off and the fan comes on at full speed the minute it gets turned on

If your NUC has been in service for years, then you might need to clean the dust out of it. Dust can accumulate and cause the fan to work harder. I clean my NUC out once a year.

Also, how large is your library? Something might have kicked off a re-analysis. Check Settings/Library and turn Background Analysis Speed to OFF and see if that settles the fan down.


Hi @Gregory_Dick - I know it sounds like a joke - but it worked for me when I had the same problem.

Shutdown the NUC, unplug it from power and leave it unplugged for a couple of hours.

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Take the NUC apart. Separate the fan from the heat sink. There will most likely be a thin but near impervious layer of fine dust between the two. Blow that out and re-assemble and you’ll be good for another couple of years.


A few years ago I had this problem and found out that there was a recall of the fan. After Intel sent me a replacement, I have no had any issues that a good cleaning did not solve.

I don’t think your model was part of the recall though:

Thank you all, I will clean it better than I did previously, and I will turn it off for longer if that doesn’t work, as for the fan…I’ll work on that if necessary :+1:t3: