ROCK on a NUC11

If I install a functioning M.2 ROCK installation from a NUC8 into a NUC11 machine will it run?

Isn’t the issue that newer NUCs don’t support legacy boot, which is how the NUC8 is set up?

I read it to be a problem with installing ROCK, not running ROCK.

The M.2 I would put in a NUC11 has ROCK already installed on it and is currently running on a NUC8.


But the M.2 doesn’t have a UEFI partition, so the NUC11 won’t find the OS to boot.

Aha, too bad. I guess I’ll use the NUC11 as a new desktop, install ROCK on my current desktop and post it for sale, leaving the NUC8 that currently runs ROCK as is.

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