ROCK on asrock Deskmini 310

My asrock Deskmini 310 with Pentium G5600 has arrived. ROCK installed like a breeze, but then halted at the searching for network screen, like in @Henry_McLeod 's case. Even though the Deskmini 310 uses the exact same ethernet adaptor as the ROCK compatible NUC7i5bnh (i219v), ROCK does not finish the installation. The green LED on the RJ45 socket is on and the amber light blinks, so ROCK seems to be searching for something, but not finding anything.

For the time being I have simply plugged in a Startech USB31000S USB3-to-ethernet adapter and that works fine.

If anyone has found a way to get ROCK to recognize the ethernet adapter of the asrock Deskmini 310, I would be grateful for a pointer.

Thanks a lot

I just noticed that the Startech USB31000S has an ASIX AX88179 chipset and not a Realtek one like I had assumed. Interesting that ROCK would recognize an ASIX based NIC without any issues, but not an Intel i219V.

Nothing interesting. @danny has included this driver in ROCK specifically for recognizing usb ethernet adapters.
ROCK is a special minimalist operating system primarily for the NUC, so it only includes the drivers necessary for the NUC to work. It `s naturally.

Unless I have missed something (I still haven’t had a chance to look at all of the bios options) then I think what is missing is some element of the chipset drivers that allow the OS to see the Ethernet NIC.

I do find interesting the fact that the asrock Deskmini has the exact same i219V NIC as the NUC7ixxxx, which are ROCK compatible, yet ROCK does not find the deskmini’s NIC. There must be a difference somewhere else, maybe in the way the NIC communicates with the H310 chipset.

I have looked thorough the BIOS options, but could not find anything that looked meaningful.

Just to let you know, that my asrock Deskmini 310’s i219V NIC is now recognized by the latest ROCK. No more USB to ethernet adaptor and happily chugging away.

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Great news, I’ll fire mine up and update it tonight.