ROCK on Asus Chromebox (CN62 i7)

Hi there,

Today’s the first day of my year-subscription, and to celebrate I installed ROCK on an Asus Chromebox 2 CN62 found online. It’s an Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of Ram and a smallish M.2 SSD, 128 Gb.

The installation was a bit fiddly, having to select the right boot order for the ROCK install to work. Thankfully the previous owner had installed the firmware from and this helps a lot with these Bios locked devices.

Currently it’s getting the music library via SMB share. Thinking of attaching the USB drives (2x4 TB) directly for performance.

Anyhoo, ROCK is running for almost a day now without issue. I know this is unsupported hardware, so I’ll be monitoring closely the coming days.

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I did not realise that they could boot anything other than ChromeOS.

Looks like a good second life it is performing well.

Apparently they can be ’ jailbroken’ if that’s the correct term. The website has a lot of info on this, and they supply an alternative firmware to be able to boot from SSD and USB.

At the core, these Chromeboxes are just Intel boxes, so that’s what prompted me to buy one of these suckers. Currently very happy with it.

Now you write that I had some original ASUS chrome boxes that I got for my company and we ended up flipping them after they no longer got support and gave them to a school as usable devices.

Your one sounds like a nice little Roon core though

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