ROCK on Mac Mini? [no]

Hi Danny,

I would like to know if I can run ROCK on a Mac mini (with internal SSD)?
And if yes, in which way. Has ROCK to be the only OS?

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I can absolutely guarantee that this won’t work. If by some miracle @danny has included the drivers needed to support the hardware on the mini there’s only a slight chance that the boot mechanism will work with Apple’s goofy “BIOS.” Even if that works then there’s little chance that the drivers and code required to interface with the mini’s fan will be there (well, actually that should read “no chance”) which means that the system will eventually overheat and die.

ROCK was built specifically to support the Intel NUC models referenced above. As these are using commodity parts from Intel’s bin they do share a relatively common group of devices and drivers with other commodity Intel-based products. That means that a motherboard from ASUS might have the proper pieces in place for ROCK to load although ROCK likely won’t support all of the features of that particular board.

Apple’s hardware deviates pretty far from the parts combinations seen in the traditional Intel world so getting anything other than OSX running on the box always requires a number of custom drivers and software packages. Aside from very common drivers that may be shared between platforms, there’s no chance that any of these software bits are included in ROCK.

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