Rock on NUC - can't see storage anymore

Hi - I have a NUC7i7BHN with ROCK installed and an external USB harddrive connected.

Suddenly, last week the music on the harddrive didn’t show up anymore. Playback from Tidal works.
I then looked into the storage settings but it could not find the drive.
I have tested connecting the external harddrive to my pc, it can be found and all the music is there.
I have tried reinstalling ROCK, still no luck.

This is how it looks when I want to add a storage folder.

Any idea to what could have happened?
Maybe it need to be fixed from the NUC Bios?

Looking forward to getting some help.
Please note, that I will not be near the system before Friday again, where I can try/test suggestions.

Assuming you have shut it all down and powered up again?


I will now try to enter the BIOS settings to see if I can find something in there

I am having the same issue, restarting the Roon server software from the ROCK web interface does not fix it, the ROCK server has to be rebooted.

Yep, sometimes USBs can get into a degraded state that requires a hard power down and then up again.

Unfortunately my storage is not on a USB hard drive, mine is on a NAS.

Yes I had the same issue. I had to power down the nuc ( which usually runs 24/7) then when I powered it back up the external usb had disappeared, I unpugged the cable plugged it back in and it came back

Sorry, since all the posts in the thread mention USB attached storage, I just assumed when you said you were “having the same issue” that you were using same hardware.

If your situation is different, and it would be if you were using a NAS instead of USB, then the cause of your issue would also be different. I suggest making a support ticket detailing your hardware and symptoms to see if things can get resolved. But, generally speaking, if your storage is a NAS and you are losing the locations until a Roon Core reboot, that indicates to me a flakiness in the network or the machine of the Roon Core.