ROCK on Zotac CI320 mini pc?

I’m using Roon at the moment with a Zotac CI320 mini pc, windows 10. All good with my library so far.
The cpu is Intel N2930(quad core, 1.83 GHz, up to 2.16 GHz) with 4gb ram.
Do you know if it’s supported for Rock? In the case i want to make a partition for Rock and make a double boot (windows + Rock) how much space you suggest to reserve? Is it possible to install Rock on a partition?


ROCK is optimised for the Intel NUC boards and i3, i5 and i7 CPUs. We users are free to experiment with other hardware, but you will appreciate that the plethora of options means there can be no guarantees of compatibility and Support is likely to be limited to fellow users. ROCK is really only possible to do at all by being extremely selective about what it can do.

ROCK will take over the whole drive it is installed on and reformat it. You can’t store music on that drive and it doesn’t install to a partition.

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You can’t do a dual boot with ROCK and Windows on the same drive. What I do is to image and backup Windows on to an external HD, over write the Windows with ROCK. Unless you get another second SSD.

I’ve a spare ZOTAC CI320 and loaded with ROCK, it works without any glitches. Up-sampling from PCM 44.1 to DSD64 is still manageable with PSDM turn on, the performance index hover around 3 to 3.9x.