ROCK + RAAT vs innuos zenith mk3

Hi I am trying to find out if it worth to buy a dedicated streamer like the innuos zenith mk3.

Today I have a Intel NUC running ROCK. As a RAAT I am using the miniDSP HD Studio connected to my DAC via S/PDIF.

My NUC has begun to make an irritating noise and because it’s a old, I can no longer get a fan-less cabinet.

The innuos zenith mk3 are getting a lot of great reviews and can act as a roon server and endpoint.
It’s not powerful enough to upscale to DSD or running complex DSP functions. But it looks good (:smile:

Would it be better to get a new NUC and a better endpoint? or should I choose a high end streamer?

I bought an i7 gen 7 NUC that I know was sold because it was becoming noisy. It was easy enough to dismantle following YouTube guides and the membrane of dust I discovered on removing the fan assembly would have silenced it again. I put it in a fanless case and turned off the turbo boost. How old is your NUC because I see fanless cases for NUCs as far back as gen 5.

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