Rock security and antivirus

How do you protect a rock from malwAre, etc.?

If your music files are stored on the ROCK then you probably don’t/can’t. Besides it’s highly unlikely someone would be targeting a unique platform like ROCK.

If your music files are stored on a NAS or Mac/Win accessible hard drive, then use the anti-malware tools on those platforms.

ROCK is essentially an appliance based on the Linux operating system, so it is inherently more secure than Windows and would not be impacted by the majority of malware. Your best approach to security is to secure your home network since this is the most likely source of threats to ROCK and any IOT devices you may have.

Thanks - I am actually seeking to move roon core away from my whole network firewall - cujo- in case it is contributing to dropouts when listening to tidal masters via roon.

I am uncomfortable having an exposed node whose only protection is Linux itself.

Your ISP router and firewall will give you all the protection you need if correctly configured; Roon core won’t be exposed unless you leave the door open!

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