ROCK Server Hardware

ROCK and RoonOS.

Looking at the hardware hcl list is exclusively intel NUC based hardware. INTEL have pulled the development plug on NUC see this link

Intel kills its NUC line, but the tiny PC will live on | PCWorld.

Are there plans in place to port ROCK onto other SFF platforms?

The link you provided also provides your answer. Intel is handing NUC production to Asus. So, I imagine, that when that proceeds you will see an updated spec list for Roon NUC builds.

My isn’t that platfrom is dead more that it will fade now intel have withdrawn from r&d the platform will fade. Asus and others like are dependent on intel’s vlsi r&d for chipset designs. Without that backyp it’s longevity is in question.

Well Intel isn’t going to withdraw from creating laptop CPUs and chipsets

Asus, and Gigabyte, have long made motherboards, imho, better ones than Intel. As Suedkiez said, Intel is still going to make the CPUs and Chipsets that everyone else uses and have been using for decades.

Since ROCK can be run virtualized and on AMD hardware, there is no benefit of running it bare metal on an NUC.

The benefit is simplicity

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