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Hi everyone:

Last Spring I received some excellent recommendations from the members here, regarding the purchase of a NUC. I purchased it shortly afterwards, but believe it or not, I have not had a chance to setup ROCK until now… Assembling the NUC was very straightforward, and I had no problems. However, as I feared, I am having difficulty getting ROCK setup.

1 I was able to download the bios update, and ROCK on to a USB stick, but in my haste, I installed ROCK first, before the bios update–Does it make any difference, and is there a way for me to check the settings? I also found it confusing to do the modifications regarding boot order etc’

  1. Assuming I have not messed things up too badly, I am now stuck on installing the missing Codecs. I am following the instructions on the Roon website, and have downloaded the zip file to my iMac. Is the file automatically unzipped when downloaded to a Mac? I located the file in Finder, but there is not an option to unzip when I right click on it. There is the option to compress, which leads me to believe that it is already unzipped–However, I am unable to open the file to look at it. Also, when I get this figured out, do I simple drag the into the Codecs folder?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Bob,

  1. Should not make a difference. You can check the BIOS revision installed via F2 when booting up (monitor and keybaord should be attached).

  2. The default Finder tools are unable to decompress the download. Use something like The Unarchiver (free) to unzip the file – and from the corresponding folder, copy the ‘ffmpeg’ file to the Codecs folder.

You can also update the bios to the latest version whenever they come out. I just went through this process on my i7 Nuc a few weeks ago.


I used Unarchiver, and was successful! There is a ffmpeg file and ffmpeg-10bit file–Which one should I copy?

ffmpeg only.

Thanks everyone! I think I am all set. If everything looks good, I will move on, and attempt to load my iTunes library on to the NUC.

Well, I have not yet been successful in transferring my iTunes music library to the internal storage of the NUC. I am not sure if I should copy the library into the Roon storage folder, as I did with the Codecs file, or do I use the Roon Remote app?

Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Bob,

Don’t use the internal drive that has Roon and your database on it to store music. It’s best left for those purposes only.

You can either install a further internal SSD or use a USB storage. This KB Article should help.

In your screenshot above, it looks like you have a 1TB drive installed in the NUC, but you haven’t told Roon to format it yet. (Says “Not Ready”.) Click the format button. Once it is formatted, the internal drive will show up as part of the network share ROCK exports and you can then copy data to it from another system over the network.

Thanks Andy,

I should have been more clear–I did install a second internal hard drive for music storage. I am just uncertain how to transfer my iTunes library to it. It appears as though I have to physically copy the library to the internal storage, either by using the Web UI (the same procedure as I did for the Codecs) or the Roon remote app on my Mac? The remote app is a bit confusing because it seems to imply that the transfer would happen automatically?

At any rate, if I do indeed need to physically copy the library, do I copy the entire iTunes folder or just the Music Library xml file?

My bad–I took the screenshot before formatting the hard drive. Now I am just uncertain about the procedure to copy my music to it…

Copy the music files. Easy way is to drag the folder onto the Roon icon and leave it to it. See this page.

Oh, snap learned somethng new today. :grinning:

Ok. Now I see what the problem was–It was too simple. :grinning:

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Thanks everyone for your assistance–ROCK is up and running!


I have been enjoying Roon/ROCK this morning, and I even figured out on my own, how to add missing artwork for the bootleg concert CDs in my collection! (I hate to ask questions unless I have tried to figure it out myself in advance…)


A morning well spent!

The User Guide and larger Knowlege Base are always worth a search. But the Community is (mostly) harmless and always happy to help other users. Glad to hear it’s all tickety-boo.