ROCK setup in NUC with two drives


I made a mistake when ordering the hard drives for my NUC, an Phurcase a large SSD M2 disc, and a small 2.5 SSD disc.

I followed the routine, set up the BIOS correct, made the install of ROCK on the 2.5 SSD … but when booting the last time, the install is failing… if I go in BIOS and disable the M2 (larger) disk it is booting just fine up.

I will do it again today, and paste pics of the setup and error message, but till then… are there limitations to one disc? I have followed the routine from the blog correctly, but I don’t find any info how to setup with two disks…

Some how, it seems to me that the second disc is involved in the boot, where ROCK try to find something on this for booting. I have even tried disabling this disk as a boot option, so only the 2.5 SSD where ROCK is installed are boot disc. But I have to disable the disc all together for this to work…

Makes no sense to me… anybody experienced anything similar?

I post picture later

I always suggest to install just the OS drive first, load the OS, and then after it is done and booting, install the secondary data drive.


I tried… but, same thing happen as soon as I enable disc no 2…

So, nothing was guaranteed installed on the second disc

In BIOS, can’t one set what the boot drive should?

I have turned off the the data disk as a bootdisk all together, so in Bios only the bootdisk is spesified as boot disk.

If I recall, ROCK has to be installed in the M.2 drive. The 2.5” SSD is only for storage purposes. At least that’s what ROCK installation guide recommends and the way I did with my Roon ROCK NUC 10i7FNHN. Try switching drives to see if that works.

That recommendation are for speed purpose, using os on the 2.5 should not be a problem, in fact it is booting just fine on it… it is when I add a secon disk this is failing… as long as boot is pointing correct, this should not have been a problem…

Can you reformat the second disk in another PC?

I can try to have this formatet via another pc… It is FAT32 that is recomendet, right?

Btw… do You mean, I should install second disc while the Rock is booted up(while power is on)?

No the installation of any internal components/ devices should only be performed with the NUC powered off.

What is being suggested is to install just boot drive and get ROCK up and running on that. Then once that’s done and all is well … that from power-up the NUC boots and runs ROCK … power off the NUC and install the second drive that will be used to store the music files.

Hope that helps.

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I got the same situation. My solution is formating the M2 disk as a secondary (not primary because it can conflict with SSD drive when booting)
Hope this help

so even if you disable the M2 disk as boot disc in bios completly?

how did you format the disc as a non boot disc, did you do it on a different computer as suggested before here?

I used an another hardisk with win 10 connect to NUC for booting. I used Mini Partition wizard in Win 10 to format M2 ssd, I didn’t set in Bios.