Rock SSH server active? [Answered: not for end-user use]


I just recently installed ROCK on a 7i5 NUC and I am in the process of testing it out. When reading through the documentation on point mentioned was no ssh access. Since I am currently tracking the temperature I was a little bummed since I always have to go the reboot->bios route to see the temp of my CPU.
For whatever reason I tried to connect via ssh to the NUC and lo and behold I got a login prompt. Apparently it only works with a specific private key which I do not have, so I am wondering why the ssh service is enabled in the first place.

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It’s an appliance setup and thus no user ssh access is possible.

Thanks for the information.

No user login… ignore it. It’s an artifact of the development process.

I thought so. Would it be possible to show the temps of the CPU and pch on the website, that’s more or less the only reason why I even looked at it?

+1. Using a fanless case, on a ROCK NUC that is always on. Would be nice to see what kind of damage I’m doing.

This has been asked before and in the interests of keeping rock as minimalist as possible it’s unlikely to happen.

This is not a direction we want to go towards w/ ROCK.

If you want this type of information, I suggest running your own Linux distribution and leaving ROCK behind.

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Understandable. As soon as you added that, the barbarians at the gate would be screaming for custom skins, SSH, WOL, and access for user mods. ROCK is supposed to be appliance-simple. This barbarian values what ROCK is more than what ROCK could be.

Well WOL already works since it is OS agnostic. I am more than happy with the current setup here as for tue temperature, after monitoring a little bit I am confident I do not have to fear anything.

And I forgot to mention. You can always add stuff to the existing image if you want to, it will just be overwritten if an update comes out.

or if you reboot.

This depends on what changes you make, but you are right, if you want to do more customisations you should roll your own roon server.

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