Rock - Time of Day (Backups)

@danny is there anyway to adjust the time of the day? I’m running Rock on Mock hardware but it seems the backups aren’t happening at 3:00am as scheduled. They are happening during the day.

The hardware I put Rock on didn’t have time issues with Windows 10.

Does Rock synchronize with an external time source? How does it know time zone etc?

My understanding of this problem:

Rock syncs to UTC time using NTP, so it is always accurate but does not know your time zone. Scheduled backups currently use the timezone/time in general of the Roon core machine, so if you set a backup on a Rock system it will always take the time you set as UTC.

Is that consistent with the behavior you are seeing?

This is on my list to change, the plan is to make backups use the time zone set on the remote which views/sets the backup. No comment on release timelines as always.

I’ll adjust the time I want it to happen to be UTC and see what happens. Ok I set it to 9AM which is the UTC equivalent to 3AM MST. One should fire tonight.

Funny noticed the same thing the other day when I was testing a restore and wondering why the backups times seemed so out of whack.

Also remember: When using Roon’s Dropbox connection the backup could take more than a day.

@ben thanks for the UTC information. Using UTC time made the backup occur at the proper local time last night.