ROCK timer controlled shutdown


I’d like to suggest a timer-based shutdown of ROCK just to ensure the server is switched of in case I forgot to shutdown it manually. Nothing fancy just something simple like shutdown at e.g. 2 am.

My ROCK is running on a standard NUC hidden in a cabinet and I feel not comfortable having it running there without any attendance. Also, it is too complicated for other family members to shut it down via the web interface.

Thanks for considering.
Best, Hauke

+1 for me! I would really appreciate a timer-based shutdown for ROCK.

For curiosity’s sake, what are the primary reasons you don’t leave it running all the time - power consumption, need to reboot to maintain performance, or something else? Just wondering what you’re trying to achieve - I leave mine running all the time with a (very) occasional manual reboot.

For me the main reason is energy consumption. Another reason is that all our AV equipment is hidden in cabinets and only actively ventilated when the AV receiver is running as well (USB connected fan).

Even though the NUC is not producing much heat it does not feel right to leave it running without being home.