Rock to recognize existing internal storage [not on roadmap]

In the same manner that Rock recognizes external usb drives as music storage it would be great if internal sata drives were recognized. At present people migrating to rock cannot integrate an existing sata drive internally without it being formatted. This of course destroys any music residing on it.

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Let’s clarify a few things. Are you referring to ROCK running on an Intel NUC?

If so the NUC can have two internal SSD drives.

The boot drive, usually the M.2 SSD drive, is used as the ROCK system drive. You can’t have music files on that drive.

However I’m pretty sure the second SATA SSD drive can have music files installed on it. My home setup has a NUC with two SSD drives. I use the second drive to store my second set of Roon daily backup files. (The first set of daily backups are written to the NAS where I have the music files.)

I’ve just put a second SSD drive into my work Intel NUC. Tomorrow I’ll looking up how I go setting up a second set of Roon daily backup files, to this drive.

I suspect the process may well overwrite anything already on the drive, which won’t worry me. It’s so long since I did it that I don’t recall the process.

In your use case, I’m pretty sure you’d be able to write the music files back onto the drive once ROCK knows about it.

I may have this last part wrong. You might even be able to retain the music files already on the drive, if the file system being used is supported.

Others may know the answers and maybe even point you to knowledge base articles or post where this stuff is covered.

Thanks ! I Have only 1 TB of music files. Everytime I swap to Rock, loading up my files to internal HDD by ethernet lasts about 2,5 hours. What would people do with 4 or 6 TB data?

I did this a view weeks ago (one M.2 and 2 SATA-SSD’s). The second SATA-SSD was not recogniced in any way.

I think you are missing the point of my post. :grinning: This is in the feature request category. I am fully aware of how Rock works and think it could be made better if one could just install a drive with music already on it, that is all. And that is ignoring the extra cost of another drive.

This will not happen. Part of ROCK’s stability comes from being able to format that drive.

Remember, ROCK is highly opinionated in how to do things. These opinions are what make it so stable.

Shame but understand. Thanks for squashing it quickly. Guess this can now be closed.