ROCK to Streamer via USB - use ALSA OR Roon Ready settings

Hi – i have a new streamer that is Roon Ready – i’ve connected it directly to the ROCK (on a NUC) via USB. It’s showing up in Settings/Audio in several places (i.e. via chromecase, airplay, etc.). My question is what is the difference in the audio settings between (a) the “Connected to Core” directly setting as an ALSA device, and (b) under the “Roon Ready” category. I Is there a thread I can read to understand this – is it just two different software interfaces, and if so, how do i figure out which is a better option (other than by trial and error). Thanks

“Connected to Core” represents the USB connection. “Roon Ready” is a network connection. You do not need both of them. With Roon Ready devices, the preference should always be to connect via the network. I would disconnect the USB cable entirely, and just use its network connection. This also allows you to place the streamer in another room from the Core.

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I don’t know what your streamer is, but when I switched my DAC to a RoonReady network interface I now had direct control of the DAC volume control from Roon. The ethernet connection enabled a much higher level of communication between the DAC and my NUC.
I don’t think there is a downside to running Roon via ethernet. Roon, of course, recommends this as the preferred option.

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Thank you - the streamer is a CXN v2. It’s connected to the network by an Ethernet cable AND to the NUC via a USB. I will try without the USB. And see what that yields.