I have just recently added an External USB drive to my NUC/ROCK set up.

Before I ask the question please note that I restart my NUC daily if not twice daily at the moment, due to local power outages.

the questions

  1. As I startup Roon will now re-scan the external drive even though its still connected as it was on close down . Is this normal, it not a problem but I didn’t expect it.

  2. The new USB drive shows In Windows as


With a path


I renamed it to NUC_USB but it was re-renamed , presumably on startup to the same format

I assume if I leave the NUC on 24/7 the rename will stick ?

  1. Will this long name affect Long File names , I have occasional problems in Windows where some classical works exceed the magic 254. I doesn’t seem to but I have no real way of knowing as I imported a large number of files from the new USB drive , far too many to check

Mike I recently did the same thing for my Roon backups. It also renamed itself upon reboot.
It looks like it is taking the name from the USB device itself.
I gave up in the end as no one sees it and it consistently backs up perfectly well.

You are probably right , I guess I do the same …

Roon Settings Storage show it


It seems to be clagging up one of my tools , Tag & Rename as it trying to read the super long path .

I guess I move the files to a shorter path until I’ve done

Your not alone :slight_smile: Have tried to change “T7_Samsung_PSSD…” to just T7. But after every reboot it turns back to the long name. In Roon it is fine - just “T7”.

According to Danny, it was a deliberate choice to use the Volume name.


Thanks Geoff I had sort of thought that when I gave up, after trying several things and no options in the web for ROCK.

As long as I get my backups I am happy, but it is interesting that a few of us have come across this in the same week or two and generally been Roon users for quite some time.

Thanks Geoff , now at least i Know

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