ROCK vs Roon Nucleus

As a non IT savvy person I managed - using Roon guidance to set up my own ROCK 4 years ago and have to say that I am very pleased with it

For some reason though that I don’t understand I avoid rebooting it because it’s very hit and miss when restarting. Often I have to reboot 5 or 6 times before it works

However, my question here is there any difference in music quality between a home built ROCK and a Nucleus

No, not at all.

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Might be worth investigating the boot issue (or at least making sure you have a great backup).

Just in case it’s something that is going to fail in a more serious way.

As you know because you did it before - buying a new boot SSD and reinstalling and the restoring a backup isn’t hard.

Cheers Greg

I do back up - actually 3 times every night - which may be a little over the top I know

Just wish I could understand why the rebooting is an issue - it’s been the same since (as you say) I bought and reinstalled the new SSD

Great you have it covered!

My only thought is to try reseating the boot SSD (inserting and removing a few times in case the connectors are a little oxidised)

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Probably a bios issue and boot order problem etc.