ROCK: Wake-on-LAN support?

Excellent, I’ll start collecting the hardware. Will Rock allow WOL and remote shutdown? I don’t leave my gear running all the time, I’m guessing a lot of people don’t.

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WOL is done by the BIOS, and not the OS, so it has nothing to do with ROCK. You will have to configure your machine that way if you want WOL.

As for shutdown, there is a button in the web gui to turn it off.

Thanks, I should be clearer. Will you enable the web front end to start the device by utilising WOL?

I don’t understand what you mean. The machine will be off, and you want to send it a Wake-On-Lan “magic” network packet to wake it up. How can the web UI be involved if the machine is off?

When the machine turns on, it will automatically run RoonServer, because that’s what ROCK does.

You could Install a WOL app on your iPad etc to send the magic packet or you could provide this feature in the Roon app. I’m suggesting the WOL packet is sent by the Roon app making the Roon ‘system’ entirely self contained and essentially a full appliance. After all it’s very onerous walking those 20 feet and pushing a button, LOL. In my case the device will actually be installed out of the way in a cupboard.

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Ah, that question belongs in the WOL topic, and has nothing to do with ROCK. ROCK runs a stock copy of RoonServer, which has no UI.

+1 for ROCK core/output being able to sleep when idle and control being able to wake it.


+1 this would be a great feature

Has sny progress been made on this? I too am using a Mac mini running Ubuntu server and want to reduce power consumption as much as possible s I think it is going to have to run 247 as I have no solution to auto turn on and off at set times ie overnight