ROCK - Web page always show CD Ripper status

When there’s nothing in the drive, the status page doesn’t even list the presence of the CD Rom Drive. I’d like to it be there all the time, showing empty if there’s nothing in the drive. The SW “lost” the drive once, and I had to reboot for it to show up. There is no easy way to tell the difference between that error and an empty drive.

Can’t say I have had this. It shows up all the time since I have had my drive connected.

Hmmm. I’m taking a systematic approach to try and duplicate the effect. I’ll post my results. It may be a case of me just being an idiot! :wink:

As noted in the KB article:

This interface does not automatically update, so you will need to refresh the web browser for an updated status of your drive or the rip in progress.

This might have caught you out if you did not refresh your browser?