ROCK - What Linux distribution? [Answered - there is no 3rd party OS]

Will you care to provide the Linux distribution ROCK is based on? Just curious.

@TopQuark – There is no Linux distribution it is based on. The whole OS is built from scratch. Starting from cross compilers, the whole thing is custom built.


That’s a bold choice to write a whole new OS from scratch. Is this OS at least Unix-like in any way? Is it similar to any current OS out there?

I think there’s some confusion here. ROCK isn’t based on any particular Linux distribution (like Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, etc) but it is based on Linux.

The Roon guys built a custom kernel and layered the required utilities on top of that. It’s a completely custom Linux distribution built from the ground-up specifically for ROCK.

That makes a lot more sense. It’s a ton of work to write an OS from scratch, so I was a bit shocked to hear Danny say this was built from scratch. I have a lot more confidence now that this will be solid as a rock.