ROCK WiFi on NUC10i7FNH1

Surprised your phono stage doesn’t pick up the horrid RF EoP spits out. Mine did got nice little clicks with it especially the higher rate ones. I never got them to work consistently either used to drop out all the time. Got 6 in my attic having fun with all the dust and spiders. One thing is it did prompt me to install a cable which was a pain to do but made it stable and no more interference.

Nope it’s fine. My old devialet picked up wifi noise without the plugs!

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If you want to cut your wireless bandwidth in half go for it but a better solution would be a mesh system with radios dedicated to backhaul. Even better than that would be multiple APs wired to switches but your Roon core should really be wired.


I can recommend Netgear Orbi.
Runs a dedicated 5ghz backhaul. Works perfectly no issues.

I have run Roon Rock on one node, and my Raspberry Pi endpoints from another.
Zero speed loss, between nodes on testing.

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I run the same and it has worked like a dream

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Too bad we can’t all grab a beer together. It would be a fun conversation.

Too much for a post. Glc650, you are spot on with the mesh. I was trying to avoid stirring the pot. Career wise, I am a director of technology so I understand the tech well. Though I don’t have experience with some home products. We use IOT networks at home for security reasons. Grizzley Bear mentioned Orbi which is nice and fast. Though we use Google wifi for the security updates. The network is slower yet plenty fast and I can do FPS games over the mesh. We have Gb fiber. And we re-did the electrical in the house which included all new wire and a dedicated circuit to the primary listening area. I don’t put data over power due to wanting very clean power, though we did years ago,.

We also take Roon Rock camping or to beach rental houses with various speakers and amps. Now we have added Starlink to our roof rack for the vehicle and use Google wifi/mesh to link the car to wherever we need to link.

Right now, I am looking for some Heresy IIs that still sound good but cosmetically challenged so that I can put a chip amp inside to reduce the complexity of our traveling gear.

I have found that the simpler we can make things, the less interference and noise end up in the speakers.

And yes, Jim F, I will attach a Google wifi mesh AP to the new NUC.


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Good luck with that. It might work.

Make sure you’re not doing double NAT if you use Roon.

Having used both Google WiFi and Orbi, I can tell you there Is no comparison. Google is to simple setup but slow and steady. Orbi blows it out of the park with speed and reliability (that dedicated backhaul makes all the difference).
At some point soon I will be replacing my first generation Orbi devices with a WiFi 6 or better and I will almost certainly buy Orbi again.


I’d be happy to use Google if I weren’t paranoid that they’re evil and collect more info than they already have. But that’s just me.

I use TP-link routers and mesh system. They’re very easy to set up and use. I have four routers in the house (!) and three mesh endpoints.

Well I wasn’t recommending them, and do not us them myself.
But the OP is using them :wink:

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Why do you have 4?

Actually I have five routers!!! One loses count. Well, let me count the ways…

Main router (call it M) in the house that connects to the Xfinity gateway.

4 other routers that are connected to M in repeat mode (or whatever you call it):

  • one that acts as the base for the mesh system for the front living area of the house;
  • one for my listening room in the back wing since it’s too far away by mesh Wi-Fi ; connected by long Ethernet;
  • one router B that acts as the base station for my meditation cabin that’s 400ft away; and finally,
  • one router in the meditation cabin connected to B with direct-burial Ethernet cable.

Of course the mesh system in the living area has three little thingamajigs that I’m not including here.

Our main house isn’t huge—around 3200 sq ft but huge by European standards—it’s the layout. It’s really two wings separated by thick adobe walls that might as well be lead. It works well for us because my wife likes to sleep while I’m practicing violin for a couple of hours in the morning in the back wing (!)

I’m guessing you mean network ethernet switches?
A router supplies IP address etc to hosts, firewalls, vpn, port forwarding etc.
Its normal to have one router and multiple switches in the network.

Yeah I guess they are switches; I just had some spare ones and use them.

Yep the dedicated backhaul 5ghz channel is gold. Super reliable.

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Pardon me for necrobumping, but my reason for this is that the Intel NUC (5th gen) I have is very noisy, contrary to what the seller told me :frowning: