ROCK with 2nd SSD + fanless case

can anyone tell me if ROCK installed on NUC8i3BEH or on NUC8i7BEH supports a second internal 1TB SSD hard drive.
(I could buy a nuc10 and wait for support from ROCK.)
Can anyone who has tried tell me if it works?

In case the fan makes too much noise I thought about buying an AKASA Touring fanless case.

Do you know any other fanless houses?
Alternatively, someone suggests removing the cover and installing the ARCTIC Alpine 12 Passive heatsink.
Have any of you tried?

Thank you.

It should support an additional drive. I believe 1 is SSD format and the other has to be an M.2 format.

I assumed you already looked at the Intel spec site, but, if not.

As long as you get an SSD drive and not a spinner then you will not be adding any sound to the NUC.

If you are not having sound issues now then you probably won’t with the second drive either.

It does support a 2.5 inch SSD or HDD if you buy the version in a tall case. I think you are limited to 9mm thick drive.

I asked if ROCK reads the second internal drive with the music files. I want to avoid installing an external drive or NAS.
The NUCs that I specified support the second hard drive.

Yes, ROCK can see and use the second drive to store music. Please reference Roon’s FAQ on the subject-

Once you have the drive installed, you must format it from the ROCK WEB UI. After it is formatted, then you can copy music to it across the network using another PC.

I find an external USB hard drive a better option actually.

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Is there any way to copy music files from an external USB hard drive to the second internal disk?
Can I do it via SMB from another computer or by connecting to SSH from my pc?

I would recommend looking at the HDPLEX H1V3 chassis with NUC Kit. These are very well made. I have built a fanless PC with a mini-ITX board and the H3V3 chassis and am very happy with it.

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Not directly on the NUC, you HAVE to use another computer to do the copying over the network. It would be better in this instance, to put the external drive on a PC and then copy from the external drive over the network to the newly installed drive.

The Akasa Plato cases are pretty and hold an additional 2.5 inch drive despite only being 37.5mm high. I have one and it is excellent. Get the right one for your particular NUC.

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If I could find it I would tell the OP the name that ROCK uses to expose the 2nd drive. :slightly_smiling_face:

Never mind. I found what I was looking for…

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It’s done via SMB connecting to the ROCKs storage.