Rockna Wavelight Native DSD via NAA (LattePanda)

I recently picked up a LattePanda to try NAA endpoint with the Wavelight. I did so because the Wavelight has drivers for non-DoP DSD (I’m not sure if that’s native or not) only on Windows.

It works well enough on the LattePanda with Windows 10 and I can now send DSD256 from my MacMini M1 HQPlayer whereas before I was limited to DSD128 through DoP. But I would prefer to run NAA OS as the LattePanda’s role is just for NAA.

I read elsewhere that some DACs can support native DSD on linux via a kernel patch on HQPlayer or NAA OS. How does one determine if that is possible and what information would be required to obtain compatibility? I have a spare RPi I can install a test NAA build if that would help.

Send me email for instructions (address is on contact page on the web site).

Email sent, thanks Jussi!

I’m sure Jussi’s solution will work out well enough but an alternative is Euphony Endpoint which has a decent USB compliance and sees what the hardware is capable of and outputs the maximum on switch on. I see DSD 1024X come up on the display of my DAC. The trial is 28 days before you are required to pay anything so worth seeing how well it performs in NAA mode.

On the Rockna Wavelight in question or something else? At least based on the Rockna page, it is max DSD512.

The Wavelight specifically. I just installed the latest NAA image on my RPi and DSD doesn’t work unless I select SDM pack DoP. If I select none, it will send PCM 384.

The Wavelight seems to only do native DSD on Windows with drivers.

Sorry, my example was with a Spring 3. It also shows the correct maximum rate (256) for a OEM DDC.

Yeah, Spring 3 works perfectly fine up to 1.5M PCM and DSD1024 with NAA OS and HQPlayer OS.

But Rockna Wavelight is a different device.

Remember that HQPlayer was the first player to support DSD output in first place. At that point neither Roon nor Euphony existed at that point. And I did large portion of Linux DSD support… Including DSD capability auto-detection. :wink:

Please contact me over email and we can see what can be done about this.

FYI. I have a customer who had a Rockna Wavedream DAC (older model). At that time it was using a custom version of Amanero firmware that was not Linux native DSD compatible. I was told by the manufacturer that regular Amanero firmware could not be used due to the customization required. Even if they come up with any newer version of the firmware (I don’t know), they did not permit user installation of it and required dealer help to handle it.

If @Parag_Patel managed to get native DSD working on RPi, please report. That would mean they ship with newer Linux native DSD compatible firmware, which would be good news.

You need the DAC USB firmware to support Linux native DSD, and you need the Linux kernel to recognize it.

Yes, that seems to be the case. The old original Amanero firmware. Similar to the one shipping with T+A DAC8 DSD.

T+A can be reflashed with latest Amanero firmware. Not sure if that’s possible with Rockna. Somewhat risky operation if nobody else has reported success.