Roger Waters - Amused To Death 2015 unidentified

I cant seem to find the 2015 reissue of Amused to Death in the Roon databases… :confused:
And as i have both the 24/192 HiRez download of the 2015 issue as well as my rip of the 1992 Sony SBM Deluxe Gold CD id like to make sure they are clearly identifiable.

I do it like this…

Thanks for the VERY quick response!
But, how do you get the 2015 Remaster text visible?
And i assume you have selected the artwork from embedded metadata?


Click on the 3 dots, choose Edit, Edit Fields Tab, Scroll Down to Version. Add the text there and save it. Edit Fields Tab is also where you can select different album art.

Thanks Daniel, i’ll try it out!
(learning all the time ;))

Sorted! Thx guys!

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The album version text is actually in my album title tags and folder name


Amused To Death (2015 Remaster)

In this case, Roon adds the album version automatically. So, if your albums are differentiated in the folders this way then it is ver useful.

Adding manually when you need to.

So the parenthesis does the trick, when used in Album Title?
I use a few other playback apps so i dont want to make a mess of the album titling.

Anyone know if there is some kind of whitepaper/consensus regarding the use of special characters in music audio tags?
I use [year] in my folder structure for albums, (not in the tag, only for the folder) but i have seen it quite often used for conductor, included in the Album Title such as:
S. Prokofiev: Symphony No.5, Scythian Suite [Litton]

Then of course most playback software interprets this differently… :confused:

There’s a lot of good information about how this works in Roon here: