Roger Waters ‎– Amused To Death (Columbia Bluray release)

Blu-ray, 24/96 and 5.1 surround.

What do you think?

Is it better than the Mastersound version?

Have you figured out a way to get the Blu-ray version into Roon?


I bought the Blu-Ray and made a rip using MakeMKV and then DVD audio extractor apps. I haven’t listened yet but that’s how you rip Blu-Ray discs.

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Ooookay, So no support for .MKV or Blu-ray Audio Disc .ISO. Hmm.

Well I hope that it’s just as good if not better than the Q Sound and impeccably mastered 1992 release. I look forward to your unofficial review or commentary. Thanks!

The CD version on Tidal is clearly different, and not necessarily worse.
Vocals are more forward in the mix & they’ve clearly added more effects & instruments in the background.
Personal taste, methinks. The 1992 mix is a classic (if you’re a fan) but I think most people will unconsciously move to the new version over time…

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The recently release Amused To Death is a complete remix from the original tapes done by Guthrie himself. The voice of HAL 9000 is used instead of the original one - which Waters wanted to use but Kubrick denied at the time. My understanding is it was remixed in the analog domain, and digitized separately in PCM and DSD.

For fans of this album, this is a very important and different release - not to replace the original but to have as an alternative - in my opinion.

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Ah very interesting information @miguelito !! My mouse cursor is moving closer to the “buy” button. :smiley:

Thread on CA:

I am already following that thread, thanks for showing others though. Looks like we all need to do some listening, because what I saw was graphs and numbers (and I’m graphs and numbers guy) that need more interpretation. I am still liking that there’s a reported HAL 9000 voice.

Yeah, the HAL 9000 voice is pretty striking and recognizable in Perfect Sense.

And yes, agree that there are too many numbers and too little listening going on!

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Ripped the blu-Ray audio using makmkv and dvdaudio extractor and roon plays it back as 24/96 Flac flawlessly. Can’t compare to other versions, (other than Tidal) but it’s an awesome recording.

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Got the download from HDTracks and it sounds very good. Does anyone know if the QSound mix was kept for this release?