rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

All clear, then I will keep my rooDial on the RPiZW and forget about the RPi4 with PoE, as it doesn’t make sense to over-invest in PoE when I can run the rooDial on the RPiZW.

Lucky you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I am in the process of buying a Swissbit MicroSD SLC card from Mouser and the cards having sizes over 512MB are extremely expensive. It seems that on my card there is a partition of 268MB from which the rooDial is using 49.4MB. Do you think that a 512MB MicroSD card is enough for the current and upcoming versions?

Smallest I tested was 4GB card and worked fine. The image is more than 2GB so how could 512 Mb be enough :woozy_face:

This is what I see on my MicroSD card, so that’s why I was wondering if a 512MB card is enough:

Indeed, the image file is way more larger than what is installed on the card:

Perhaps the installation is creating a hidden partition which Disk Utility and Files (Mac) doesn’t see it?

You see the boot partiton only. Please further communication regarding technical things here:
rooDial technical integration discusions - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

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Are you in the states? How is your EnOcean install going? Most of my automation is through z-wave using homeseer

Hi Macrho,
I live in Germany. rooDial does not provide EnOcean nor z-wave. rooDial is a simple Pi Zero W that acts as a bridge between Bluetooth requested by the Microsoft Surface Dial and WiFi to connect to Roon.

Write me in private and we can talk about EnOcean and KNX.
DrCWO, sorry for interfering here with my smart home topic. :slight_smile:

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Hello - sorry to pick up a post from three weeks ago, but I’m just getting interested in this topic. You said you don’t like the FLIRC case for the Pi Zero; why is that? (Technical or cosmetic?)

It’s metal so might not work well for BT and WiFi signals.

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I am using the Flirc case and I do not notice any problems.
For Bluetooth the Pi is about one meter from the Dial, Wifi has to travel roughly 5 meters to my access point - no problems whatsoever with connections. That actually baffles me a bit as well …
On the other hand: iPhones and iPads have aluminum cases too.

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@wizardofoz, @Elmar_Heimes - thanks, both.

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I took THIS for my Pi 4. The Dial is about 3m in distace, no problems with BT.


I had the official pi zero case but then I found this, which looks kind of nice and is made of wood so no impact on WiFi or Bluetooth signals either. Also very cheap…

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Thanks Tim. The problem is there are too many options :slight_smile:

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I think this is a cool project - I do however have two questions:
would htere be a plan to have an installer for a win10/MAC, since those devices already have BT build in, and if you only have one zone that would eliminate the call to buy a pi and imaging an SD card?
Also I wonder if you plan to support other “dial-thingies” - I know Bang&Olufsen is dong a VERY nice and VERY expensive dials that also runs via BT and has a few more click options - could be awesome too!!
the “essence”:

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Lars, you are right, yery yery cool device.
Did you know if it is sold without the controller?
If it is bluetooth it might work. I have to get one and see. Did you have one?

Regarding versions for Mac and Win: Is a lot of work for me to save some customers 20$. Looks not really as a good deal for me :thinking:

Yes, it seems possible to buy that wheel as a stand alone and it is using BT. I never owned one but I tried it in a shop once, and it is really high quality - However t seems it is “only” twice the price of the RSP of the MS dial in Denmark where I am. so that is not too bad.
I understand the hazzle of developing for more platforms, but if you over time plan to have the solution more genereally avaialble i still think the hazzle and the nerdyness, not the cost, of the PI could be a barrier for some folks.

I wrote to someone ho offered it in EBAY, will see what happens…
Nerdyness, you are right, maybee some day …