rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

@DrCWO Hello, I just upgrade to the latest firmware 2.0. I was able to load the image, extension load in Roon. Licenses have been added. However, my SurfaceDial has not been able to pair.

Any troubleshooting tips? Thanks in advance. Love this solution.

Procedure one: take out batteries of the Surface Dial and retry

Procedure two:

  • Do procedure one
  • Power down Raspberry
  • Restart Raspberry and retry

Procedure tree:

  • Power down all devices with Bluetooth in your house cellphones, pads, TV,…
  • Open http://rooExtend.local
  • Press the Button “Reset to factory settings”. Beware, you loose WiFi connection doing this. Licenses stay intact! If you run via WiFi you have to reestablish it after boot. If you run wired ethernet no issues.
  • Do procedure two.

Best DrCWO

I’m sorry to say that I now switched back to V_1.4.2

As expected, the day started today without any problems. In addition, I would like to say that I restarted the PI this morning. At 5:00 p.m. suddenly nothing worked. In the settings I saw that roo6D only flickered. At that moment of review, the entries suddenly doubled (as noted in the thread above). I backed up the licenses (rooDial and roo6D) and deleted all rooExend authorizations. I’m not lying: I now had 3 (red) authorizations per license that I could delete.

That was reason enough for me to go back to the previous version. Something is wrong here. I am waiting with V 2.0.0 until the problem has been resolved.

I work on it, probably already found the issue :slight_smile:


i am having the same problems and am unable to disable the extension!

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rooExtend – The easy start with Roon Extensions - Audio Products - Roon Labs Community

Have you tried just rebooting the Pi? Resolved exactly this issue for me.

I updated the image, hopefully this bug is gone, now.
Please retry with v2.0.2.

Sorry for the inconvenience DrCWO

Installed successfully here, although I note that the version numbering is off - the zip is 2.0.2 however License Manager shows up in Roon as 2.0.1.

Should not be I will check…

I see, my fault, will update today. Hotfixes are a manual process and so things happen. Sorry.

Yes thanks, didn’t make any difference for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So far not seen this issue with 2.00 i only see my roodial and the license manager in Roon ?

if you only have licensed rooDial this is fine and and should be :slight_smile:

Zone Follows Playback is a gamechanger for how I use rooDial. The software is worth every penny.

As soon as below mentioned behavior is added as a default or option the feature will be flawless IMO.

Can confirm this behaviour. Love the feature but It’d be awesome if dial basically carries on controlling the zone that’s currently selected in Roon Now playing tab.

I am so sorry, but this feature would not come in near future. Why?

rooDial has to use the official Roon API. This API is limited. It permits me to control Roon playback (Pause, Play Mute, Shuffle, Repeat), and allows me to get and select content.

But there are also a lot of things that cannot be done with the API. For example I cannot change DSP settings and I cannot access, what zone is currently selected in the GUI.

This means Roon is the bottleneck here. They might extend the API and offer these functionality and I swear I will use this if offered by Roon but it is currently not. So go to the feature request section in the forum and ask for API enhacement.

Sorry, but I really can’t do more. Best DrCWO


I fully understand, let’s hope Roon will extend their API to allow rooExtend to flourish even further.

For now, with the ability to select Zone Follows Playback I can repurpose the second Surface Dial that I was using to control the volume of my primary zone from a second location into a Seek Position dial.

Im thinking of a way to combine the two and have a single, universal ‘dock’ for both volume control and seeking track position. Thanks to Zone Follows Playback I’d be able to use this dock for whichever zone im currently using without manual changes in the extension tab!

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Hi @DrCWO ,

I understand the API limitations of the tool, though it’s a bit weird that after the zone changes, it allows you to change the volume of the currently selected zone, to pause it but doesn’t allow start playback on the same zone. But of course, I haven’t seen the code so can’t really speak :slight_smile:

Is there anyone in Roon team you know we should be speaking to request this particular API extension?


I like to explain where this limitation comes from and why there is no easy way out, also not for Roon.

Roon is a Client-Server architecture. You have the Server (Roon Core) and multiple Clients (App on phone, tablet or PC). More of these Apps can run in parallel and are connected to the same server. Running more than one App the first App can select zone one and the second App on an other device can select Zone B.
Roon API offers some functionality that is also used by the Apps. This means rooDial is nothing else but one more App running. So rooDial can also select a zone.

The Apps running with the Ronn server have no idea what other Apps are started on which devices. So also rooDial did not know that.

I understand that you like, that your App might be connected somehow with rooDial that is close to your screen. Seems to be easy. But rooDial did not know which App on which device you are currently using.

To sum it up: The architecture of Roon is not able to provide a pairing of an App with an Extension. This would be needed to fulfill your request. maybe it will come some day but I am not really conviced…

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