rooDial a Wireless Volume Knob for Roon with Microsoft Surface Dial

I’m using 2.2.0
Could you provide instructions on how to get the system logs?

@DanMtsn - you should upgrade to 2.3.2 right away. Link is here —> rooExtend - Google Drive

It might solve your issue, and you have an easier way to get to the logs if it does not. Just browse to the IP address of your device which you can find in Roon if you don’t know it.

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thanks, I’ll update soon and report back -

Easy to setup the touchscreen?

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Anyone know What is the button ‘ knob ‘ dial shown in the Roon Arc video - Introducing Roon 2.0 and Roon ARC - YouTube ?

@Simon_Williams: Devialet Expert



Yes, real easy. Only issue was the setting of the onscreen keyboard. This windows feature needs to be turned on and works correctly when Roon is entered in full screen mode. without it, it is buggy. The tactile feel but even better the bigger look and feel of Roon with big album covers and full pages biography of artists is just awesome.

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Was wondering how it is going with the remote?

by the way, if you live in or close to the Netherlands you are welcome to experience Roon vs a touchscreen.

If you are already comfortable with setting up a RPI? Then YES, super easy just buy the parts and put them together. Display, plus case a few cables… You’ll need to setup with Ropieee (or others) to get touchscreen support.

??? for touchscreen only you do not need RPi.

Just need a intel NUC with Windows and Roon installed.
Raspberry pi is not needed, only for roodial option and that comes with easy install information.

So this is an amplifier remote - rather than a Roon remote -
Do I understand that correctly?


Yes and by no means a cheap one.

Sorry misunderstood, of course you can have a touchscreen connected to your roon core. But for most of us our roon core is tucked away someplace and that is where a RPI comes in. Check this out —> Pi-Fi! A $200 TOUCHSCREEN streamer for Spotify, Tidal & Roon - YouTube

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Ah i understand! But that is not the setup i am using. I have my Roon core on a Intel NUC which has been attached to the back of the touchscreen. Closeby but still out of sight…

Also interesting for some to reduce interference on the signal going to the DAC (inherent to the UTP technique) is the following…
From the Roon core the network cable goes to a Netgear switch on which i also attached my NAS. The network cable going out of the switch goes via a converter from a UTP cable to a glassfiber cable. This technique has no possibility of carrying any interference due to the optical technique of sending the signal. At the other end of the room another converter turns it back into a UTP cable before it enters my Pi endpoint which then sends it to my DAC via USB. The Pi, DAC and amplifier are on a separate power line. There are still interference possibilities from the PI and the DAC etc ofcourse but everything before the 2nd converter has become a black box regarding interference. And because of this expensive cables, special hardware for the Roon core or special switch etc has become irrelevant.

Edit: sorry for the offtopic… rooDial RULES…

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Thanks :smiling_face:

Hi, I would like to add rooDial to my setup. I am running a Rasberry pi 4 as a Roon Bridge between my network and DAC with RoPieee. Can I use the same Rasberry pi 4 to load the rodDial program or do I need a second pi 4? Thanks

  • Sorry in advance if this seems like a silly question. I am new to this….

There are no silly questions :slight_smile: welcome to rooExtend.

rooExtend is an SD-Card-Image. Burn ist insert it in your available Pi4 and you will be fine. In the license Manager you can enable Roon Bridge to drive your USB DAC. If you like you can connect a HDMI-TV to see the beautiful Roon rendering.
If you also like to use the free community Roon Extensions you have to wait till v3.0.0 of rooExtend. It will include the Application Manager and an autoupdate function in this release.

Please let me know if you have further questions.

Best DrCWO

Thank you @DrCWO. I appreciate your work on this product. So if I understand correctly, your rooExtend offers the software for both: (1) the bridge; and (2) the rooDial. Is that correct?
That would be great.

Thanks for the flowers as we say in Germany :grinning:
You are right. The rooExtend image includes both and much more :+1:t2: