rooExtend – The easy start with Roon Extensions

This may have been covered elsewhere. Will rooExtend feature extensions that are available on the currently available extension manager?. In particular the Meridian extension for serial control. It would allow to have one less box as from what I understand the Nucleus does not natively support extensions.

Ive seen this too… normally just restart everything…I have an extensive network with 50+ devices over LAN/Wifi and more than 10 switches/AP’s and dont get me started on the extensions :crazy_face:


I can look at all sorts of things without feelings of inadequacy, but not that list of extensions, kudos…

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Hello DrCWO,
I’m a french Roon user since 3 years now, and I discovered the existence of the Nuimo Control just a few weeks ago with the help of Darko Audio video on YouTube.
Firstable I would like to thanks you for your investment in developing your software for Roon users.
I was sad to discover that the Nuimo Control was discontinued now, but I was lucky to have the opportunity to get one thru your website.
I did the necessary, and now I succeeded to run one white Nuimo with a Raspberry Pi 4. It works like a charm since this morning.
Meanwhile I have two questions about the rooNuimo soft. Firstable how could we know that a new version is available, and at last what is the coffee option in the settings ?
Once again, thank you for everything.
Have a good day.
Best regards.

thanks’ for the order and I am happy to hear that :smiley:

You have posted here in this thread and this means you will get all the necessary Information from here. I will announce all updates here and all things of general interest regarding rooExtend. Please also search the Roon community forum for rooExtend. For each product I offer on my website there will be a support thread in the Roon community.

Now to the Caffeine mode:
If music is playing in the zone assigned to the Nuimo, the Nuimo device will keep stay awake (blinking play-symbol all some seconds). Stopping the music the Nuimo device goes asleep to save battery.
Some users asked to keep the Nuimo device awake despite of the state of music playback. This is achieved by Caffeine. I never used it but some customers are happy with it.

Best DrCWO

We finally made it: rooWatch is out :smiley: :+1: :smiley: :champagne: :firecracker: :sparkles: :tada: :gift:

If you start with a new product idea you often see the big use of it but suppress the thought of the huge amount of work associated with it.

Our idea was to have a native Apple Watch App with Siri support to control Roon.

Me and @Klaus_Engel worked on it since two month now where most of the work was done by Klaus for the native Apple Watch App. Thank you for this Klaus!

rooWatch is integrated in the rooExtend Roon Extension SD-Card image (v2.2.0) as the rooWatch App on the watch communicates with a server hosted by rooExtend. This means you need a Raspberry Pi to make it run.

As new Raspberry devices are not easy to get in these times, I decided to also support elder Raspberry models now. In the Quick Installation Guide I have included a sheet to show which Raspberry device can be used for which Roon Extension.

rooWatch on the Raspberry will support more than one watch in your WiFi at the same time. This means multiple persons can control multiple zones with their Apple Watch.

Supporting you and rooWatch I opened a new topic here:

Best of all: I added an unexpensive Test-License for seven days to give you an idea (for few $) how easy it is to control Roon with rooWatch.

More information and all necessary links and videos for installing rooWatch you can find on my website

Best DrCWO


how do I get off this message filling up the log of the roonserver ?
Enter USB-Stick to save License Keys.\nTo restore the License Keys enter the USB-Stick with the saved License Keys before boot.
I plugged one in and I removed it right after it asked me to do so.
Next second it started complaining again :
Enter USB-Stick to save License Keys.\nTo restore the License Keys enter the USB-Stick with the saved License Keys before boot

I have no idea why Roon Core protocols each change of each Roon Extension’s status line. You should ask Roon why their logs are so noisy. In my eyes this is debug-level three.

But regarding the saving of license information I think you got things wrong.

The idea behind this message is to tell you that you CAN save your license information if you plug in a USB stick. You have not to do this and you have not to do this multiple times!

This mechanism was made to help you if you change from one release to the next. In this case - without saving the License Keys - you have to re-enter all your License Keys. if you have prepared the USB stick you plug this in first, next the SD-card with the new rooExtend release and then power up your Raspberry.

The USB stick will be read and the license keys restored without any further intervention by you.

In the quick Installation Guide in the download area I wrote the chapter “Setting up the licenses with rooExtend License Manager”. It explains in detail how these things work.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.
Best DrCWO

A nice thing to add would be a settings and lic backup to USB for when doing updates - in the interim of OTA updates in place. Ideally by choice… not a repetitive reminder and a flag set that it was completed and when perhaps might help and maybe an indication that settings have changed since the last backup.

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Already done but not yet published :smiley:

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Yes, went through the guide when I installed it.
In the roon gui under extensions License Manager is displayed and the same message as in the logs.

Hi @Oliver_Koch,
sure I know and I can’t change it :sleepy:

Using the Roon API to display the status line (what I have to do!) does not only displays it but also writes it to the Roon Core logfile. You also would find “Status: Disconnected, licensed (.)” if you seatch the Roon Core logfile for it. This is the way Roon wants it to happen and I don’t know why. They may have their reasons. Maybe if something happens they like to see the status output of the Extensions in the logs.

Please don’t blame me for the Roon Core software and it’s logs :pray:
This disussion is quite old and nothing changed until now Roon Server Settings? Turn off debug logs - Roon Software - Roon Labs Community

Best DrCWO

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No worries. I blame it on roon then.
Keep up writing cool software.

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Bad availability for Raspberry Pi

As far as I can see the availability of the Raspberry are getting worse each day so I looked for alternatives.

I found the Nanopi R2S in a nice metal case that probably might do the job to host my rooExtend Roon Extensions.

It comes in a machined metal case with two GBit Ethernet connectors, a USB-C power input, a USB 2.0 slot and at the front tree LEDs plus a slot for the SD-Card. As far as I can see there is no shortage of these devices at the moment.

Yesterday I ordered one (from China) to see if I can make rooExtend work with this box. As far as I found out until now it has the power of a Raspberry Pi 3 and also should be able to run Roon bridge.

The box has no WiFi and no Bluetooth. This means that rooDial and rooNuimo will only work if a BT-USB-Stick will be plugged in.

I like the two Ethernet connectors as I can imagine to support a setup, that you connect Ethernet from the router to the R2S and then a second cord from the R2S to your streamer. This will save one router port and an additional ethernet wire.

In my eyes the only con of this box is the single USB port. Running a USB DAC plus rooDial or rooNuimo you have to add a USB 2.0 Hub.

Is anybody interested in this nanopi R2S box as a replacement for the Pi as a host for rooExtend?

Please let me know.
Best DrCWO

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Hello Doc,
I’m pleased with the rooNuimo since a week. I’m just thinking maybe to add a class 1 BT USB stick to my Raspberry Pi to increase the reliability of the bluetooth, but it’s not in hurry.
Today my question is about the rooUPNP extension. I owned a Marantz AV Receiver SR5015 who is available in the Roon audio settings “only” via Airplay. So, is it possible to manage this Marantz with your rooUPNP ? What would be the benefits of such a system ?
And of course is it possible to manage the rooNUimo at the same time ?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Hi @Philippe,
you can run rooUPnP on the same Raspberry as rooNuimo. In the Quick Installation Guide here, you find a chart illustrating on which Pi rooUPnP runs.
Also in this link you find a document with the tested devices for rooUPnP. There is one Maranz device in the list so yours also should work.
Benefit is clear:

  • Up to 24/196
  • Jitter free (which airplay is not)
  • And playback via Roon where all the Roon DSPs can be used.

Best DrCWO

Hello Doc,
After the 7 days test of rooUPnP I was happy to used my Marantz AV receiver as a new streamer with Roon. What a surprise when I saw more streamers using this UPnP extension available in Roon, for example an internet radio who was in the bathroom, and my Samsung TV in the living room.
Concerning the reliability of the bluetooth with the Raspberry Pi 4, I decided to buy the Logilink BT0037 dongle. I plugged it to the USB 3.0 port of the RPi, maybe the USB 2.0 is better. I hope that the BT signal is stronger now. Is there a tool to measure that BT signal ?
Everything is cool with rooExtend except the bluetooth light who is blinking maybe 12 times in a row on the Nuimo time to time. And when this light is blinking on the Nuimo all the rooExtend extensions disappears from the Roon setup during a few seconds and finally the music stops. Then the extensions list appears again and the music could goes on. The Raspberry Pi is very closed to the Nuimo maybe less than 3 meters. Do you know how to fix this ?
Thanks for the support.
Best regards.

Hi Philippe,
please find the IP number of your Raspberry in the License Manager, open y browser and enter http://[the found IP]/log.html right after such an event.
Please mail the output to info AT definiteAudio DOT de so I can analyze it.

Best DrCWO

Hello Doc,
Waiting for the result of my mail concerning the log.html file of the Raspberry Pi, I just want to tell you that when I ordered a Logilink BT dongle finally I got a generic hardware, a kind of no name product. So after one day trial, and some BT light disconnecting issues I decided to return this product. I’m now searching for a real Logilink BT0037.
Have a good day.

Interested if this solution is viable in particular for NUIMO. Please keep me updated.