Room Correction needs creates DSP interest and confusion

Core Machine

Roon Core is on a Windows 10 desktop in another room connected to router.
Remote access by iPad.
Antipodes server/streamer wired to same router, contains the library and coax connection to Denafrips DAC.

Description of Issue
Bass bloat after changing to active crossovers on my Klipschorns

It all seems pretty complicated at present.
I understand the need for a measurement microphone and some sort of software to produce the tones to analyze and adjust.

Is this software built in to Roon or do I need to download one and integrate it with Roon DSP?

I could move the Core to the music room for convenience I guess but would need a 2 into 1 LAN adaptor to run the server and the PC at the same time.

Would I be running the PC direct into the amp for the tone generation and sound sweeps?
Sorry for so many questions.

Regards, Ian

Roon is a music player app. It allows you to use EQs and filter files - but it is up to the interested user to find a way to get at the values/files. This thread might help you here:

I’ll give this a shot as I’m trying to understand it better myself.
I purchased a raspberry pi4 (4gb) and a hifiberry dac/dsp and all misc stuff (~$130) then a umik-1 mic from miniDSP and a stand another ~$130

I followed the following url for the physical setup.

Then I followed

The booming bass from my room is gone. I’m reasonably sure there is more I can do, real time conversions? but I have a lot to read yet.

Hope it gives some direction.

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