Room correction using your iPhone and HouseCurve

Hi Cenk,
i’m not so experienced with manual Subwoofer setup, so only a few thoughts on this:

Subwoofer and speaker phase and timing aren’t necessarily the same, just because they are placed close to each other and in equal distance to the listening position. Especially if it is an active sub, there can be quite a difference in these parameters due to the electronics involved.

However, if there are no apparent dips (= cancellations) in the crossover area of speakers and sub when both run together, I would guess there’s no major phase difference between the two and you’re good to go. I would recommend measuring both speakers and sub individually from the same microphone position and compare the curves to make sure the dips are caused by the room and not by speakers and sub running together and cancelling each other out.

From what you describe i guess, your speakers run full range and the sub runs in parallel and you EQ the overall response. That should work, but you don’t get the extra benefit of relieving the main speakers of the bass frequencies this way.

If you properly high pass filter the main speakers and low pass filter the sub in the miniDSP, you gain better control over the crossover area and by relieving the main speakers from heavy bass work you might get more SPL reserve in total and a clearer midrange from the main speakers, especially if it is 2 way or 2 1/2 way design.

A trick for your setup might be to tune the sub around +10 dB too loud on purpose and have the EQ level down the total response. This way the sub does most of the bass work and the main speakers are partially relieved of bass through the -10dB EQ applied.

Hi Roland,
Thank you for the tips. I’ll do separate measurements as you said. I recall Greg has a nice guide on his web page. I have 3 way speakers with 2 drivers only for below 260hz so I think I’m in luck with you +10 db trick.
Thank you

Does the software work with a iPad air device?


Yes it will. You can confirm using the free trial too.

Hello, Just wanted to let you know how cleaner the bass became after I put some pillows under my subs. I have been tinkering with eqs, placements, crossovers for weeks. Trying find delicate balance between no bass and muddy bass. It’s resonance, turns out. Decoupling on wood floor. Definitely. Now HouseCurve “sings”I hope it helps.

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I bought the App and put it to the test in two rooms:
Living room without correction:

And with correction:

Dining room without:

and with correction:

I think you have done us a great service with this App! Cool stuff!


@Greg_Wilding i’m trying to use house curve by sending the test signal through a blusound node 2i. but, it keep starting apple music instead. any ideas? if this works, it’d be a great tool. i’m just finishing a more manual (and painful) sub adjustment in my small listening room.

Hi Tim, a few other Bluesound users have reported this issue: AirPlay triggers Apple Music to appear. There are reports of this issue elsewhere, so I suspect it has something to do with Bluesound hardware. You could try disabling Airplay handoff on your iOS device, or try signing into Apple Music once to make it stop. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it. If you’re willing to help me debug it, please shoot me a direct message.

A workaround is to use externally played sweeps instead of Airplay.

Hello, I got 2 slabs of marble and 2 packs of drummer silicon stickers. They use it to attenuate the slam volume. It worked great as a speaker decoupling. Hope it helps. see pics.

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