Room Server + Roon Remote + iPad

I want to make the transition.

If I run RoonServer on ComputerA and a RoonRemote on ComputerB with ComputerB attached to my DAC can my iPad app control ComputerB? I have been through this question before but forget whether this is a “room speaker” thing. I only want to control ComputerB with the iPad as ComputerB is running headless.


Yes…it’s a RoonSpeaker scenario.

To achieve what you want today, I would run Roonserver.exe on computer B. The ipad remote CAN control playback of zones tethered to the server.

You may have reasons for running core on A however. You can test it on B though.

Alternatively, get an MS200 (cheapest Meridian networked end point) and remove computer B completely. Full zone control from any device.

Thanks that is what I figured and remembered. I can wait for roonspeakers.

Right now I have “core” running on ComputerB and all is great.

One other thing. If I ran RoonServer on ComputerA that was tethered to my DAC could I control “RoonServer” via my iPad with the GUI showing on my iPad or would that require both RoonServer and the Roon installed on the same computer.

You don’t need Roon client to be installed on the same computer as Roonserver.exe. You can if you want but it is not required.

Just load server.exe on the PC and use the iPad. You may even find the iPad feels a bit quicker when used with it.