Roon 1.0 (Build 16) Released!

Hi folks,

A new version of Roon has been released!

We’re very excited to announce this update, which includes some minor features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, and introduces support for DSD content!

Starting with today’s release, Roon now supports DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256 content in the DSF file format. We will be supporting additional DSD use cases in the future, and for now we are terming our DSD support as beta. We’re really excited to hear everyone’s feedback here, so let us know how it’s going!

Those of you with DACs that support DSD should be able to stream DSF files using DoP (or the dCS method), and everyone else can convert to PCM on the fly. In fact, I’m streaming DSD to a Meridian zone right now!

Our network storage infrastructure on OSX has also been redesigned from the ground up. Users will now be leveraging the operating system’s handling of network drives, which means real time folder watching is finally available to OSX users with NAS drives.

Also as of this release, watched folders will now import M3U files. While our iTunes importing and TIDAL integration has always supported playlist imports, those of you with m3u files will now see them in Roon as well. As always, imported playlists are aggregated in the Playlists browser.

We’ve also implemented a number of bug fixes and performance improvements this week, including faster loading of the Overview screen.

An issue affecting Airplay playback was identified this week, which occurred when iTunes or iOS devices on the network are attempting to communicate with the device. This interaction could happen without direct user interaction with the iTunes install or iOS device. If you’ve had any issues with Airplay in the past be sure to test with today’s build.

We’ve also fixed some issues related to the operation of remotes with intermittent wifi, compatibility issues with DIRAC, bad handling of certain files, update and startup issues on OSX, issues with log files, and more.

We’re already looking ahead to our next release, as we ready a new “dark” theme option, as well as ASIO driver support on Windows.

That’ll do it for this week guys. Please keep the feedback coming, and be sure to start a new thread for any software questions, feature requests, or support issues.

Thanks all!


Note - Build 15: An issue with our new storage implementation on OSX may have caused issues for some users on Build 15. This would generally show up as duplicate copies of your library.

If you are seeing two copies of the music in your library, please visit the About page in Roon (accessible from Settings) and confirm you’re running Build 16.

If you’re seeing files tagged as Duplicates and you only have one copy, you’ll want to wait as Roon updates its database in the background. Depending on your collection size, this can take an hour or longer. If your files are still wrongly tagged as duplicates, let us know.

Apologies for the inconvenience everyone!