Roon 1.0 Build 16

Nice work guys

Now my Roon (MacOsX and hiFaceTWO converter) works perfect with Dirac, and doesn’t crash anymore. Still using to much CPU though (35% while typing), but sure you guys get a grip on that issue too ;=)

You guys must be working overtime x 1000

And for every “complain”/suggestion from the users amongst us, you guys find a solution within a few days

Keep up the good work, you sure do make a difference in this business

Best KnockKnock


We all feel bad for making you wait 2+ weeks for Dirac support… sorry about that!

I made a post at CPU usage increasing with playing time on Mac

It might help on how to fix/identify your CPU stuff. Let me know if anything helps.

Hi Danny

Thanks for your hard work on this. I am REALLY happy now ;=)
Now Roon behaves very well, its just while playing xtreme high HiRez files that the CPU grows to say 50-70%, even if the Audio Analysis is turned off. When playing 44.1 or 96 kHx files CPU is about 3%

Dirac works like a charm now.

One question more though:
When I play a 352.8 kHz WAV file, I still see the waveform (Audio Analysis is turned off) AND the down-sampler is downsampling to 88.2 kHz, and not to 192 kHz which is Dirac´s (my virtual sound cards) maximum. Why is that so you think?

best KnockKnock

Does DIRAC support 176.4? That’s where I would expect a 352.8k track to end up.

For quality reasons, we avoid asynchronous downsampling when probing for compatibility–so we always divide by 2 until we find one that the driver will accept.

Going 352.8 -> 88.2 should sound much better than 352.8 -> 192. This is true in general (due to where the state of the art is for downsampling algorithms), but is also something we know to be true of the actual SRC implementations that we use in Roon.

Hi Brian

Thanks for your reply.

Yes Dirac supports 176.4, see screenshot

Best KnockKnock

I’m seeing the same behavior–DIRAC won’t let us open the device at 176.4k, so we’re backing off to lower rates.

I gave it a shot in Audirvana (as a sanity check), and it was doing the same thing–content at 176.4 was being down-sampled (in their case, to 96k…yuck).

Are you having better luck with other players via the Dirac virtual sound card?

Hi Brian

Thanx for your quick reply

Tried with PureMusic, but cannot see if Dirac accepts or just sends on the files. I can see though that PureMusic tells me that the 192 kHz files has been downsampling (Not Native), see screenshot (red arrow)

best KnockKnock