Roon 1.0 (Build 21) Released!

Hi folks,

A new version of Roon has been released!

Two big pieces of news in this release – a new “Dark Theme” is available from the Setup tab of Settings, and Roon now supports ASIO and DSD-Native on Windows!

Our ASIO and DSD-Native support are both new, and while they’ve been performing well during our internal testing, they are both currently considered to be “beta” features. Be on the lookout for issues and definitely let us know if you run into trouble.

Additionally, a number of minor features, bug fixes and performance improvements are included in this release. Radio will start faster, even with large sets of content (like every album in your library), and the track browser can now be sorted by track length.

We’ve simplified date display on screens like Genre Details and Artist Details, so only the year is shown next to each album. The Focus popup now makes it clear you can scroll for more options, and resetting your focus will no longer change the sorting of your browser.

Moving on, arrow keys now work on a number of screens where they hadn’t previously, including the lyrics popups and the Tidal overview screen, and the hotkey for viewing the Queue (Ctrl/Cmnd+E) now toggles. Control+click should also work as expected on Mac.

Higher resolution images are now used on the Discover screen, and a lingering graphics bug related to floating tag and genre buttons has been fixed. File names should also be displayed properly now when using our Identify Album feature.

A number of changes have also been implemented for troubleshooting purposes. These include better crash reporting, and improved feedback for the OSX permissions issue that caused problems for a handful of users last week.

That’ll do it for this week guys. As always, keep the feedback coming and be sure to start a new thread and let us know about any questions, feature requests, or support issues.

Thanks all!