Roon 1.0 (Build 30) Released!

Hello all,

Sometime earlier today, it seems that TIDAL have rolled out some server-side changes that broke playback of TIDAL content in Roon. This pertains to the issues described here.

We don’t like these kinds of surprises any more than you do. We have contacted them and hope to get a reasonable explanation as to what changed, why, and how the communication breakdown occurred that prevented us from receiving a heads up.

While we haven’t heard back from TIDAL, we were able to develop a workaround on our side.

Other than the workaround for this issue, build 30 is identical to build 29.

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Turns out, it wasn’t a new bug introduced by TIDAL API changes. TIDAL has responded and said that their content distribution network provider was having 1 second delays in creating the URLs due to the leap second issue. We are keeping our fix in, in case of future leap seconds :wink: