Roon 1.1 (Build 69) Released!

Hey everyone!

A new version of Roon has gone live, with a couple of new features and bug fixes, and some major changes to our file tracking functionality.

Roon has always been designed to track each file in your library no matter what. However, we have seen rare cases where a file was moved or edited externally or where a storage configuration changed, causing files to be re-imported as “new”.

For Roon 1.1 (Build 69), we’ve developed a completely new system for tracking each file in your library. Going forward Roon will use the audio data in your files, ensuring that in as many situations as possible Roon will be able to track the files and preserve your edits.

Whether you’re editing your collection in Roon, building playlists, marking favorites, or tracking your play history, this change is designed to ensure that all of this data will persist, even if you’re changing the file name or tags, or moving your collection to a new hard drive, folder, or operating system. (We’ve documented best practices for moving or modifying your media at the end of this post. Please make sure to read these posts before moving or modifying your files.)

We’ve also made some changes to our handling of genres. In earlier versions of Roon, genres that existed in Roon’s hierarchy were categorized, and genres that only originated in your tags started as “Uncategorized”. Based on feedback we’ve heard from users, uncategorized genres will now be displayed top level, and can continue to be categorized or mapped as you see fit.

Lots of exciting new functionality in the pipeline as well so keep the feedback and feature requests coming everyone!

Thanks all!

Roon 1.1 (Build 69) Release Notes

Build 69 is now live for OSX and Windows. Updated versions have been submitted to the Play Store and App Store, and will be live pending their respective approval processes.

Because Roon now depends on audio signatures for file tracking, your library will be re-scanned once you update to Build 69. You can monitor progress by clicking the small spinner in the upper-right (next to Bookmarks and Search). Please wait for this process to complete before moving or editing your files – you’ll know it’s finished when the spinner disappears.

New Functionality:

  • File signatures are now computed based on audio content instead of the contents of the whole file. This should make file tracking more reliable when tags are edited outside of Roon.
  • Handling of storage events has been overhauled. Migrating files from one storage location to another, moving/renaming files and directories, and similar operations should be significantly more reliable
  • Added “Use Max Hardware Buffer Size” setting for ASIO devices, to hopefully help some people with dropouts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a storage bug that caused a collection reimport in certain failure scenarios involving network shares.
  • Fixed commas between performer names so they don’t look like links
  • Fixed android crash when playing content that requires sample rate conversion on the tablet
  • Improved handling of file tags that indicate multiple album artists, or lack album artist tags entirely.
  • Fixed a situation where it’s possible to end up with two zones for one ASIO device
  • Fixed some TIDAL syncing issues related to certain countries
  • Fixed some issues with TIDAL playlist syncing
  • Fixed a bug where network failures during import could result in a spinner until the next app restart and incorrect progress counts
  • Fixed a problem with RoonServer that prevented it from auto-restarting in case of a crash
  • The “Uncategorized” category for genres has been killed. Genres from file tags default to being toplevel genres.
  • Fixed a bug that caused us to play a fraction of a second of PCM silence at the end of a DSD stream, thereby causing a an audible “pop” on some hardware.
  • The “Identify Album” flow no longer clears the import date when applying metadata results
  • Improved performance of TIDAL syncs when there is no data to by synced.
  • Fixed a deadlock in the ASIO subsystem that caused zones to get “hung” after encountering corrupt media
  • Fixed a bug that caused alternate versions as displayed in the UI to get out of sync with the database under certain situations. The most obvious consequence was that marking a TIDAL album as the primary in a set of alternate versions didn’t work reliably.
  • Fixed a bug that caused track duplicates to be remain marked as duplicates after the content that they duplicated was removed from the library
  • Fixed a longstanding windows crash triggered by certain MP3 files.