Roon 1.1 (Build 70) Released!

Hey everyone!

A new version of Roon has gone live! Build 70 is now available for Windows and OSX, with bug fixes related to our release last week.

We heard from a few users about crashes with our previous release. After investigating the issue, we determined that these crashes were related to our new audio extraction process, which allows us to track your files in nearly all cases, including times when your files have been renamed, retagged, or moved to a different folder or drive.

Thanks to a number of members reporting the issue and submitting files for analysis, we were able to determine that in some cases, a file header was indicating an incorrect length. While these files were not technically corrupt, the non-standard header was causing Roon to read past the end of the file and crash. This issue has now been resolved, and is live in Build 70.

In other news, we just received word that Build 69 for iOS has been approved for sale in the App Store! Look for that to be available on iOS devices in the next 24-48 hours.

Thanks everyone!