Roon 1.2 (Build 154) is live!

Hi everyone!

Maintenance releases of Roon, Roon Server, and Roon Bridge have gone live, with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

We’ve been hard at work certifying a new crop of Roon Ready devices. As of Build 154, six new products are now certified Roon Ready, including Musica Pristina’s Virtuouso DAC, Bryston’s BDP-Pi. SOtM’s sMS-200, and HiFiBerry’s DAC+, AMP+, and Digi+.

Elsewhere in this release, we’ve resolved a number of long-standing issues. A crossfading bug reported by a member last week led us to discover an issue related to analysis of files with sample rates that are multiples of 48k. This is now resolved, ensuring file analysis and crossfading works as designed for this content.

Another long standing issue relates to endless “Identifying” spinners after an import – we’ve been hearing about this issue for a while, but we were finally able to pinpoint the cause and resolve the issue for this release.

Another member’s report helped us identify conditions under which dropouts can occur when content is stored on a NAS. While the initial report focused on gapless playback, our investigation revealed a deeper issue related to network latency. The fix should make dropouts even less likely in setups where network storage is involved.

A few bugs related to playback behavior were also resolved, including ensuring that Play From Here respects banned tracks, and resolving a recent regression related to “Play From Here” behavior on playlists. Other bug fixes detailed below involve Focus, Export, selection states, Version extraction, editing, and more.

This release also includes some improvements to Roon’s diagnostic and usage reporting. The diagnostic changes help our support team resolve issues more effectively, while usage data will drive “big data” style improvements to Roon’s Radio and Discover features in the future. Accordingly, we’ve reviewed and updated Roon’s privacy policy to ensure that it accurately describes how data is managed during support incidents and during your usage of Roon.

Finally, a few pieces of new functionality are implemented in this release. The play count display on Album Details has been redesigned, and will now track play counts for TIDAL albums in Roon even if they’re not in your library. On the file info popup, we’ve also added the ability to copy paths to the clipboard, so it’s easy to navigate to the file’s location when you have access to the same storage device as your Core.

That should do it for this release. Thanks everyone!

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon 1.2 (Build 154) Release Notes

Roon Build 154 is now live for OSX, Windows (64 Bit), and Linux. Updated versions of Roon for Android and iOS have been submitted to their respective App Stores and will be available upon approval.

Roon Bridge 1.0 (Build 31) is also live for Windows, OSX, and Linux.

All platforms and apps should update automatically

Changes and Bug Fixes In Roon Build 154:

  • New RoonReady support for:
  • Musica Pristina Virtuoso DAC
  • Bryston BDP-Pi
  • HiFiBerry DAC+, Amp+ and Digi+
  • SOtM sMS-200
  • Fix dropouts around track transitions when playing from slow network shares.
  • Crossfade works on 24/192 content
  • Play count display redesigned on Album Details and works for non-library tidal albums
  • Track location path on Info popup can now be copied to clipboard
  • Playlists “play from here” again
  • Play From Here respects banned tracks
  • Playback can start via Selection bar on tag details page
  • Tag and Playlist selection fixed on search result page
  • Export pop-up for playlists fixed
  • Export pop-up works for TIDAL content (Excel only)
  • Fixed clumping Issue with multi-disc sets
  • Better version information pulled from folder hierarchy
  • Radio section of queue is more consistent during internet radio playback
  • ‘Radio Starts In’ no longer displays negative numbers on phone during internet radio playback
  • Artwork is cropped when portrait mode is used on desktop
  • Label editing bug fixed
  • Better work duration logic
  • Focus: fix composers’, performers’ etc pop-up
  • Focus: Track browser (Years focus) End date no longer increments by one after loading
  • Crash fixed when trying to view info for TIDAL track which isn’t in the library
  • Crash fixed when trying to close 'track editor ’ window
  • HTTPS Issues affecting some Roon Bridge updates resolved
  • Mobile: Fixed login issues for on Android
  • Mobile: Personal Star Ratings no longer fail to clear
  • Mobile: notifications shown when history has no entries
  • Mobile: history page no longer blank after reconnecting the core
  • Mobile: ‘Select All’ works on History page
  • Mobile: Authorization transfer screen redesigned for mobile