Roon 1.2 Feedback Thread

Good Job on v1.2 Guys! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Ah, my booboo. I thought I had updated all remotes. Thanks!

I like how speedy it is on my OSX machines, can’t wait for that same performance boost on my iPad. Now we just have to wait a half century for Apple to review it. Uggh!

Update to 1.2 went fine with this config:
HQP/RoonServer on Windows10 into
Auralic Vega
Mac Roon client updated to 1.2

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Thank you for reply.

Regarding Linux installation, I want Raspberry PI disk image file (.img). This is easier to install to Raspberry PI. Is this possible?

We are working on a disk image, but it isn’t quite ready yet.

In the mean time, we’ve had good luck with the Raspbian Jessie Lite image and our “easy installer” scripts. That combination should work without needing to do anything too tricky.

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I should try building one of those just to mess around with… Hmmm.

I encountered one problem during the upgrade: I have the client running on a laptop and Roon Server running on a headless Windows 10 PC. Running from the laptop, the upgrade appeared to hang. When I remoted into the PC I saw that Windows had popped up a firewall permissions dialog, once I clicked OK the upgrade completed with no problems.

Thanks for mentioning that. I expect you won’t be the only one.

This is the result of moving our audio playback out to a separate process–a big win in terms of flexibility, stability, and better isolation for the audio bits, but a bummer for firewall configuration.

Using HQPlayer with Roon. I’m assuming the audio playback through HQP hasn’t been improved by this update since it’s a different output?

Plex displays a warning message before you do a remote upgrade, just saying you might need desktop access to the server to complete the upgrade. I think that’s a good fix.

Hi Spence,

I didn’t notice any audible difference moving from 1.1 to 1.2 with Roon/HQP.

Thanks. I love using HQP and am looking forward to this update. Will begin playing with it tomorrow since it’s well after midnight here…

Correct, our HQPlayer integration should be the same as before.

I have RoonBridge running on a Raspberry Pi 2 with a HifiBerry Digi+. It’s working great. Very easy to set up, I used a clean Raspbian install from HifiBerry, ran the Roon installer script and it just worked, no configuration or fiddling with ALSA required.

Edit: forgot to add, it sounds fantastic! Gapless playback working perfectly.


Congratulations Roon for 1.2! :triumph: Cant wait to go home and try :smile:
Is there any pre-installation guide? I mean the playlist needs to be backed-up or we can simply go ahead and upgrade to 1.2

Core - MacBook-Air; Remote - Ipad min-4 (64GB); FLACs on NAS (WD)

Backups are always a nice idea before taking a major update to any software. We’re never going to say to anyone “No, don’t do a backup”.:smiley:

As far as taking the update, Roon will prompt you in-app just like any other update.

You guys absolutely rock!!!

Congratulations on a fantastic first year.

Thank you for all your hard work. To the mods as well, who make this forum match the product … awesome!


Thanks Brian. I will back up for sure. I remember reading the procedure to back up … can you/someone share the link here ? Shame one me, getting jittery … searching in wrong places … :confused:

@Jnan_Devi_Roon, See here for backup information.

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