Roon 1.3-269: play count issue [resolved, switched profiles]

Started playback of a new album using the iPad then launched Roon on the MacBook Pro and found playcount still at “0”, and album still marked as “New”, on the MBP (see attachments):

Roon Server on a Mac mini, WAV 24-96 files on a Qnap HS-251+, Roon “Control” on MacBook Pro

Hi Paolo,

The only thing I can think of is that the iPad and MBP are currently set to different Profiles.

Cheers, Greg

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… ooops: looks I forgot switching back to my profile, on the iPad, after creating a new one :roll_eyes:

in another forum we have a “village idiots” section: what about creating one here too and moving my post in there? :rofl:

sorry @Greg (and everyone) and thank you so much