Roon 1.3 cannot find DSP engine

I have installed Roon 1.3 on archlinux. DSP engine is missing? Clicking on Zone settings I see only “Device setup” and “Disable”

Is your remote a Phone? DSP settings are not available in the Phone UI because of space constraints – tablet and desktop only. Quickest way to find them is by right-clicking/long-pressing on the graphical zone icon in the play bar at the bottom of your screen.

Yes it is. A Sony Z Ultra.
In the bottom bar I can see only volume icon and play controls. Long pressing doing nothing. I don’t see a “graphical zone icon”. Above there is only the “Signal Path” icon when playing. If I press the volume icon I have the option to “switch zone”, but also there no DSP…

As I said: the DSP Engine is only accessible from tablet of desktop interfaces – you won’t find it on your phone.