Roon 1.3 Feedback Thread

If you change the cores the whole analysis starts again I read…

Plenty of stations in one view on iPad Pro…

Enjoying 1.3 right now. One item, an embedded W10 tablet device needed Roon reinstalled to update initially but everything runs smoothly and I am now upsampling everything to DSD 128, at around 25-30% CPU occupation, on a NUC 5i5 passively cooled. I had previously chosen not to use HQPlayer despite its charms, opting instead for the simplicity of a single player. Now I have the best of both worlds! Once ROCK is out I can compare it to my W10 install and decide which I prefer, then I can relax and enjoy the music!

Not that I’m aware of…

Steve, for these DSD albums that are missing track 1, can you add a disc number tag to the track files? Suggest discnumber =1 if they are all single disc albums.

See if the track#1 appear.

Agreed, it does not require the process to start over. What it does is recalculate the number of remaining files.
It took quite some time for my QNAP to go throug the 60k tracks, particularly as it was set to Throttle initially! :wink:
I set it to use 2cores after that and it took about 30hours.

Nick do mean adding it with a tag editor outside of Roon itself yes?

If so, which tag editor for Windows will do that because what I have does not.

I use mp3tag in windows. It is free and very good.

Just open the folder in the app and add “1” to the disc number column in each row (left panel for all selected files). Ctrl S to save.

That is what I have, it will not open DSD files, at least not for me.

I have definitely edited DSD. Let me double check that.

It seems to do DSF, but not DFF…which are the problem files for me. Also, the problem file that Roon is not adding to my library plays fine in Korg Audiogate, so the files are fine.

I did read that somewhere on here, obviously this is incorrect.

Perhaps we should make one, post Danny’s note, and lock it - you know, before the inevitable happens! :slight_smile:

Fantastic release! My setup updated from 1.2 to 1.3 without issue, music was playing again within about a minute!

They’ve covered a huge amount of ground here - lots more ‘toys’ in this one too.

Looking forward to learning from others about DSP/convolution, as well as wondering how they’ll follow this for the next big one.

It’s also worth taking the time to think about how small a team Roon is, versus what they’ve achieved. Unless we have something that’s really broken, we should perhaps just enjoy 1.3 for a bit before posting all our future desires, so that they can get some sleep, go on holiday, have some time to listen to their own music… at least before they start on v1.4


Hi there,

i like the new roon 1.3 version a lot, good job done here :slight_smile:

but i can`t find the FOCUS Option to seperate Fileformats and such things.
was it deleted in the new version or am i blind to find it again? :grin:

I am wondering if there were any improvements made to the Radio function in 1.3? More specifically, the ability to query the Tidal database for similar music and not just that contained in my library. I have looked all over and have not found any ‘toggles’ related to turning this feature on. I do realize that the Tidal database is very large and the task could be very resource dependent, especially when Roon would be asked to potentially match genres not even tagged in the Tidal database. Yes, this was a feature request, but I really wish someone from Roon would chime in and confirm this is just too difficult, not high enough on the list or will have some flavor of this function in the future. Maybe all the MQA hype and ability to find Masters in the Tidal database will help this along.


Go the the Albums view and press the Focus button top left (or press CMD/CTRL-G on keyboard). Also note that the Focus window scrolls horizontally – the options you mention are located on the far right and hidden from view on small(ish) screens.

Nope – no Radio improvements in 1.3. It has been said that it’s ‘up next’. :slight_smile:

aaaah, found it again
thanks you for your fast help Rene! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the response Rene. Just curious, can you point me to your source of this information?

See this update by @mike: