Roon 1.3 Feedback Thread

This thread is for general comments and feedback regarding Roon 1.3. If you have a Support issue requiring assistance please open a thread in the Support section.

Roon 1.3 has so much in it ! We will still be discovering new things in the DSP Engine alone for some time. Sonos and Bluesound compatability will open up Roon to many more people.

Congratulations on a mammoth upgrade !


Congratulations indeed!

I presume that you don’t want this to turn into a Roon 1.4 feature request thread Andrew, as @danny had previously suggested that those long scrawling threads weren’t helpful and that it would be better to list feature requests individually.

It’s just that if this is not a feature request thread and if support issues are also listed elsewhere, I wonder what kind of “feedback” is left over? Positive feedback perhaps! I for one like the new version, though it only addressed 1 of my top 5 feature requests.

Great update and … it works fantastic!!!
Two questions/feedback:

  1. Is offline music implemented on a iPhone? To listen to downloaded music while offline.
  2. Is album view implemented for playlists?
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Nothing wrong with positive feedback.

Mammoth work, well done guys.

I’m waiting for my rescanning to finish before trying out some DSP features. I’m looking forward to some of the more experienced members posting their experience here especially with convolution as I’d really like to see what impact “sorting the room out” has (without spending a fortune!)

The share function is great for sticking some music on the Naim forum as it has a nice Roon add indcluded.

A bluesound certainly may well make its way into the kitchen, Roon’s interoperability (is that the correct word) is really something else now, hard to believe it’s only over a year since I “joined”.

Looking forward to separating Foster and Allen from Echo and the Bunnymen, must have a good play with the editing.


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Excellent work guys!
Such a major overhaul and still so smooth process of upgrading the units.
I love these features:
Customizeable upsampling/conversion using the DSP, already in use!
Crossfeed, perfect for my two endpoints mainly used for headphone listening.
Love the ‘folder content browsing of pics and pdf files’
Much improved background color on the artist/album infopage, my old eyes thank you even more!
Is the controller faster? Feels like it however it has also hung a couple of times.

Not so much love for these:
From the announcement mail, ‘Roon now plays everywhere’ Well, not on my iPhone/iPad…
DSD upsampling, not so nice, due to the conversion to PCM somewhere in there?
Customising more than one Internet Radio station properties. Causes hang on the iPad. Need to restart app to be able to add custom pics for radio stations…

more to come! :slight_smile:

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Yes, we’ll refrain from an all in one feature request thread. After all the idea is to let the devs clearly hear what users are saying.

Feedback can be positive or negative. Hopefully the positives outweigh the negatives, but the negatives are important as they help improve the product.

  1. No. An iPhone needs to see a Core in order for Roon to work.

  2. Not sure what an album view would look like in Playlist. The Playlist browser is completely redesigned with thumbnails for each Playlist. When a Playlist is opened each Track shows an album cover (even Tidal albums not in your library !) and you can configure Album as a column so you can click straight to any Album referenced in a Playlist.

Really appreciating the search speed improvement!

me too, but still disappointed about the poor internet radio integration (every old squeezebox has an expandable list of worldwide radio stations preconfigured)

Album view for playlists would show -album covers- instead of a list of songs that scrolls off the screen when viewing a playlist. I want to add albums to playlists and see album covers when I view those playlists. Whether one song from an album is included or all songs, I don’t care about seeing individual songs. For example, click on Albums under Library. I want this same sort of view available when I click on a specific playlist. That was really my only request for this release and after posting this request in the Playlists thread here, I really got my hopes up when I read about “Collections” in bullet #4 of DAR’s preview for 1.3 about a month ago, but I guess any significant playlist changes got axed over the last month. Oh well :crying_cat_face: there’s always 1.4.

Coming over the hill: the monstrous Roon 1.3

The Sonos support was a nice surprise since the Play:1 is $100 less expensive and smaller than any comparable wifi speakers with Airplay support.

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Yay. Great job and thanks.

Problems with sound output on a recent vintage iMac running Roon 1.3 core. I’m hearing a steady clicking overlaying the music when I try to play a file from Tidal that I know to be in Master format. I’ve tried changing my device output configuration in various ways; i.e: changing the max sample and bit rates, but nothing seems to solve the problem. It makes the file unlistenable. Any suggestions?

I love this big update, just have to wait, until the post-analysis is finished… my SonicTransporter is working for the next 10 hours.

My biggest thanks goes to all the guys of the ROON team, incredible work and very motivated in helping all the people with their problems / wishes.

Congratulations to the Roon team for this major update. I hope you will find the time for a release party, now that the traffic on this forum is clearly on a peak.

The update for me was very fluent and I already saw that multiple issues/improvements for which I joined the discussion are indeed fixed/included :clap:
I will update the individual threads with some detailed feedback later on.

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This is AWESOME! There has never been so much under one roof before. Looking forward to future revisions.

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I can’t tell you just how much I appreciate the new DSP feature - this is exactly what I was hoping to see ! Keep up the good work !

Just posted a Facebook image of an Album which is a great tool and should get the Roon name about a lot but the image quality could be better. It’s a bit blurry.
Congrats on all the hard work though making it possible at all.


Metadata editing. Merge artist. Paste image. Will keep me busy for a while.

And sharing…

And PDF…

Just beginning to explore DSP, but it seems great.

One of my favorites is the new composition-oriented browsing:

Instant answer to “How important is this song?” “What do I already have?” “How much don’t I already have?” “How can I hear more of this song?”

I’ve done more new music discovery using this tool in the past couple of months than in the year previous. It doesn’t take me far out of my box, but helps me experience things I already like differently.


Looks great! Not installed yet. One question: is there a delay function in the Procedural Equalizer?

You will need that if you want to make a active speakersystem.