Roon 1.3, where is convolution? [Resolved]

Hi, just upgraded to 1.3, looking at DSP features. I couldn’t find convolution features. Can someone point me to it if it exists for me to upload my filters? Thanks.

Here is the KB article on the convolution features:

And here is the one on getting to the DSP engine:

Let me know if you have any questions these don’t answer.

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There is probably something obvious I miss, but I cannot see the convolution in the DSP engine, it is not in the menu with headroom mgm. crossfeed, parametric EQ etc. In the link you refer to it seems to be there - how can I make it present?

Hi @Henry_Larsen. Convolution is not a default “Filter” in the DSP engine. However, if you go to the DSP Engine and look at the bottom left of the pop-up, you’ll see the “+ Add Filter” button; click that and you can add a Convolution filter.

Thank you - it is so obvious when you know :slight_smile