Roon 1.4 Feedback

There is WiFi in most places and I can stream Tidal in the gym on WiFi at full resolution so bring on Roon !

I agree this cannot be 100% correctly solved. But, in many cases the choice is very obvious. A 240kbit MP3 track in terms of SQ is definitely worse than a 24/192k version of the same track. The metadata can help to derive whether the track is the same, e.g has the same duration, publication year. For different masterings I would chose in the order lossless (preferred), resolution (higher), year (newer). I was referring to Radio that plays tracks, not albums. So different albums, being rips from various sources, incl. vinyl should not be handled as ‚same‘ version, but tracks from compilations with lower resolution should be replaced by such from original albums when similar SQ e.g both lossless CD quality.

Thank you for the changes to scrobbling. It’s a big improvement.

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Correct. As discussed in this thread, a USB device can support higher resolutions, but some iOS specific devices like Audeze’s Cipher cable/DAC are limited by iOS to 48k.

On the iPhone or iPad device setup page, you can select whether it is a Private or pPblic endpoint. A Private endpoint means you can play music on it only from that same device, with a Public endpoint other devices can send music to it.

Sounds as if private is best for such a personal device, especially with headphones. But last night I found a use case for Public: I had connected my headphones to my iPhone because I can keep it in my pocket as I walk around the house, e.g. to get a glass of wine. But I was sitting and reading on an iPad, surfing, and saw commentary on an album and decided to listen to it. Since the iPhone was Public, I could control Roon from the iPad, didn’t have to dig the iPhone out of my pocket.

But note, I don’t have any prankster kids. House at 100% level…

It’s complicated.
Long discussion Here.

They’ve done this so often that I’ve now come to expect it. It’s apparently The Roon Way.


I positively hate the new volume control. No more direct drop, I need to pick the endpoint and drag it back fysically. Either that or use the +/- with very small incfements. Calls for more secure mouse navigating and with my RSI that is a bad thing. I just want to select a point somewhere on the line directly.

congratulation and thanks. what i dont like is the new volume control.i would like to see the volume number instead just the speaker symbol as now. also i love the old control better instead of the glider. How i can search inside my library for MQA tracks ? Now all my tags are disappeared on my macbook core, i only have them8how long) on my ipad what didnt get upgraded. How i can get back my tagged music ?

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The new Radio algorithm is very welcome but I wonder if there’s been any sprucing up of shuffle behaviour in playlists? I ask Roon most days to shuffle its way through extremely large playlists. But no matter how big the playlist Roon would often visit and then revisit the same tracks. Over and over again. And again.

Now it’s early days but I’ve released those tracks that that were banished with the tag of shame ‘Temporarily Over It’ back into the stream and so far the Roon experience feels bright, shiny and fresh.

So, if this is not a coincidence, then, again, thank you!

Its very clear that Roon spent alot of time of time improving the radio feature.

Very well done Roon.

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The more I use it, the more I love it. Sitting on the veranda of my condo in Brasil right now overlooking the ocean with my Westone in-ears plugged into the DragonFly Red DAC running off my iPad. The sun’s going down, it’s a warm night, and Ry Cooder fits the mood nicely. Thanks, again, Roon.


There has been mention of bigger mobile plans. Probably a long ways out though.

It’s not a coincidence… shuffle uses the new improved radio algorithm as well.


Great update overall guys! Lots amazing new features. One caveat… my watched folder is sitting on my Synology 218+ NAS. Roon core is sitting on my Mac Mini. With the 1.3 version of Roon new music would appear as soon as it was added to the watched folder. Now I have to restart Roon to get it to appear. This has happened with my two most recent music additions. Anyone else noticing this behavior? Next time if I think of it I’ll do a force rescan of the watched folder and see what happens.

A force rescan doesn’t work either?

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I didn’t think to force rescan. Never had to do it before, so wasn’t top of mind. Next time I will try it, but in the meantime wondering if this is an issue anyone else has encountered.

I’d like to here Danny respond to this question on SQ with SB vs RAAT.

Good job Roon. Like the new features. Always looking forward to what’s next.