Roon 1.4 Feedback

So we’ve unwrapped our new Roon presents and the wrapping paper is strewn all over the room. There’s a quiet concentration as we put it all together and insert the batteries. Once you’ve stopped playing with the box it came in, let the devs and everyone else know what you think. Is 1.4 the best present ever, just a pair of socks or (shudder) a stocking full of coal ?

What works, what doesn’t and what would you rather have gotten ?


Thrilled to have endpoint support for iOS devices :slight_smile:


Just playing with 1.4 for 15min or so but …What an excellent update!
Great to finally have iOS playback. I also notice that now the top IOS bar remains visible… we can’t use the excuse anymore of having lost the time while listening to music :cry:

Very much like the updated zone switcher as well. Now this somehow begs for a right swipe in gesture to bring it up on iOS devices (and screen edge position of the mouse cursor on desktop/laptop)… first feature request for 1.4 :slight_smile:

Congratulations guys !


Ios playback :+1:

If i connect my ipad to an external headphone amp will it play bitperfect

Release notes say yes re: bitperfect playback.

Wow… You’ve packed a lot that users have been wanting for a long time into this release! You promised Christmas presents and you delivered. Thank you!

I’m sure there’s lots to love, but one thing that doesn’t function the way hoped it would is the queue. It’s great that it’s non-destructive now, but I don’t understand the purpose of “collapsing” skipped songs. If I load an album, and decide to play the 3rd song first, I don’t want the first 2 songs “collapsed”. I just want the queue to be passive. I don’t want it to modify itself.

Also, I added an album to the queue while no music was playing… and got silence. I would prefer that my newly added music start playing in that case.

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Still no way of selecting a Parametric EQ preset on the iPhone. So i am able to use my headphone collection now on the device, since its acting as a zone, but there’s no way of switching the presets based on the headphone I’m using. iPhone playback is kind of useless without this feature.

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Ios playback is it only for ipad

I could not succeed on iphone

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When I hit “Add next” for a track it immediately plays instead of joining the queue. Using iPad Pro as Control into Meridian 218.

It should work for you on the iPhone. (Works for me on my iPhone 6S.) You need to enable the zone using the iPhone itself, I think. Also, make sure the “Private Zone” setting is correct for your needs.

Disappointed to be honest. I’m seriously fed up of Tidal now and it appears we are stuck with it for, well, who knows how long. At least Tidal has MQA but can’t use DSP and MQA unless Roon does the first unfold. The 1.4 release is UI tweaks. Sorry but hasn’t hit the mark for me.

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If you want to hear Track 3 first, you can just drag it into position.

If you skip ahead to Track 3, you can also just drag the skipped tracks ahead of Now Playing. Lots of ways to skin that cat :wink:

This was one of the most common complaints we got about Sooloos… that there was no way to queue up and bunch of content and get to your listening position before hitting play – every time you queued anything, playback would just keep starting.

If you don’t have anything queued, you can just use Play Now and playback will start.

@Serkan_Kuyumcu – can you open a thread in Support with all the details of your setup? Are you running iOS 11 on the phone?

It seems like you’re saying that the necessary ingredient to make this a “good” update would have been MQA support?

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The update is amazing! Love the iPhone X design…except (sorry): there is a thin white line on top of the screen. Most notable on black album covers…

I can live with it! Just wanted to let you know… :slight_smile:

Still: great update!!

I uninstalled ios app an reinstalled. Now its ok

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What happens if you try to dark setting in the setup?

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No problem with dark theme… guess it’s some of the background “shining” through…

Had weird rendering lines on top of the display on Android all the time., more noticable on my Samsung S2 tablet.

Sounds like a good update on the whole, look forward to trying out the Radio, shame the Tidal implementaion did not make it in to this version, but good to know its on the way.

The volume settings are a god send for my Pi HifiBerry Amp+ combo, no more speaker busting volume levels, that scare the misses to death,

I am actually seeing more CPU usage not less as mentioned in the release. Will keep an eye on it and perhaps restart as its been up for a while without a reboot.

@orgel no I’m saying if Roon are only going to offer Tidal support then they need to offer first unfold of MQA support to justify the lock-in.

New volume slider works much better. Volume limit is a great addition. Thanks!