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Remote Connection Problem [Solved]
"No audio device found" then Roon shutsdown
Crash report / Mac 10.10.4 / Version 1.0 build: 30
Roon just started playing garbage
Missing Album after initial load?
Strange playback issue
Transport: Roon lost control of audio device
Build 147 - "There was an issue loading your database"
Music randomly stops playing
No audio device
Duplicate albums again
Tidal account no longer working [Solved]
How is it possible to delete data for an old album
DSD Playback Stopped Working
DSD + network?
WiFi Issues - Help Requested
Audio analysis info [Analysis Stuck]
New setup. Can't import from NAS
Album and playlist issues
Cannot set up remote
microRendu with Roon
Roon shuts down on it's own randomly
There was an issue loading your database (b154)
Playing in double time [Solved]
Suddenly the audio cuts out, but the continuous piece to play
Playback and zone switching issues
Roon is deleting all of my albums from it's database
Certain artists won't load, but if I look up their albums, they're all there
Roon Server and NAS not connecting [Solved]
Hegel H360 Not Playing DSD [Solved]
Roon remote on Minix [Solved]
Gapless playback problem
Roon crashes on startup and problems with artist [Resolved]
Can't enable MSB Analog DAC via USB on windows 10 PC
Galaxy Remote Connection stopped working [Solved]
Songs cut short
A LOT of albums are missing
Screen Artifacts in Roon on 2010 Mac Mini [Resolved]
DSD Playback Stopped Working
No Volume Control and Play Starts at Max Volume
Tracks available on Tidal but unavailable on Roon
DSD play problem on HEGEL HD30
Blue Sound player missing from Auduo Settings
How do I set up an ipad as remote? Why cant I find in your general set up instructions? [Solved, Zone selection]
QNAP 1282t 4.3.3 server setup not found "Looking For Remote Libraries"
During track playback cannot move start point beyond first quarter of track
Roon refuses to play from Tidal or local server
ROCK problem after internet radio stopped abruptly
Build 247 Audio Loss after Update [Resolved with new build]
Roon doesn't import my latest albums[WMA media]
WASAPI or ASIO! To Playing MQA On Roon?
Problems importing music
Ayre QB-p connection issue [Solved, firewall issue]
Songs have bad distortion [Resolved]
Continue Dropout
Tidal album art not updating when adding to library
Device Initiation fails - but I still hear all the music!
Problem with covers
Optical or RAAT/Wifi
No Music at all
Masters (Tidal) album not visible in ROON
Drop Out Issues
Rock synonlogy nas
WARNING [lua@0xda51d8]
Sonos Connect gives "Transport: Failed to open the device"
FLAC files have backgroung chatter [Solved, Exclusive Mode]
Multiple entries for devices detected in Audio Settings although only one device connected
Storage folder on NAS cannot be detected! [Resolved]
Roon not recognizing my Mytek Brooklyn ASIO Driver [Resolved]
Sonos System unavailable ?!
Roon skip through tracks on playback - Restarting RoonBridge fixes the issue
TIDAL: a network or connection error is interfering with TIDAL playback
Network problem
Wrong album art in overview
Sonicorbiter SE + DAC - Needs reboot before listening sessions and experiencing occasional dropouts [Resolved]
Roon issues with Airfoil on Mac [Resolved]
Audio zone lost when pausing music
Deleting Duplicates permission denied! What went wrong?
Behavior on NAS reconnection?
Roon can't find Auralic Aries [Resolved - Firewall]
Roon opens with no music in library
Problems With Backing Up Roon
Allo isolator - Roon recognizes the bridge but DAC is silent
I got the error "Transport: playback error endpoint device init failed" only with usb DAC!
Trying to play anything just see the available tracks spin by [Resolved]
Tidal Pausing Problems
Roon won't play [Resolved]
Help needed with tracks / albums that incorrectly appear as multipart tracks
Tidal constantly syncing [Resolved]
Internet radio some URLs seem not to work any more [Resolved]
I Cannot connect to my core [Solved: Newer QPKG required]
Trinnov first time setup [Answered]
Issue with TIDAL (via Roon) and a Peachtree Nova 300 [Resolved]
Sonos dropouts (Roon lost control)
NAS Connection Lost, USB drive connected to NAS still present
New music not showing up in Roon
Roon crashes on startup and problems with artist [Resolved]
Roon crashes after a restart when track paused at end of track [Ticket open]
"Audio File Loading Slowly" with 2012 Mac MIni [Resolved]
Schiit devices (Wyrd and Yggdrasil) - Disappearing and reappearing rapidly in app when mounted USB to NUC
Android App Hard Crashing - may be Oreo related [Ticket Open]
Build 269 - iTunes Playlists Disappear [Resolved - Multiple iTunes XMLs in watch folder]
Search function hangs on iPad remote
Unable to play to Auralic Aries
After adjusting settings in Integro iPad remote will not connect to core [Resolved - Firewall]
Help problems with loading database [Resolved - Firewall]
Can't see external hard drive on MacOS [Ticket is in]
Radio station problem [Resolved build274]
Build 269 issue - wireless connection to ROCK
DSD 64 no sound but seems to work [Resolved]
Aries and Aries Mini grouped but out of sync
Roon crashes on my mac mini [Resolved]
MacMini on High Sierra having issues communicating with external HD mounted to airport extreme
Aries and Aries Mini grouped but out of sync
Lost Bluesound Audio Zones
Sonos: Play 1 dropping connection [SOLVED]
PC not recognizing ROCK NUC
Crash all five 5mn with the last update[Fixed, media crash]
Crash all five 5mn with the last update[Fixed, media crash]
Roon Connection issue
Stubborn backup location [Resolved - Roon v1.4]
Roon Remote Crashing (iOS) [Resolved]
Playlists transfer [Resolved - XML file issue]
Audiolense Convolution Filters in Roon [Resolved - Build 298]
Roon freezes up or crashes
Import iTunes into Roon Nucleus
Roon not seeing OPPO 205 [Solved]
Cant get my originally installed parhway back [Solved, USB cable]
Multichannel DSD files output at 2 channel to Oppo
Some files became 'Unavailable' from my playlist and other issues :-( [Resolved]
Roon Does Not See AirPort Time Capsule
Devialet Ethernet problem with the Companion [Resolved]
Keep losing wifi connection to Roon Server [Resolved]
Favorite Albums Not Showing Tidal[Ticket in]
Export/New Folder Not Working [Resolved]
Partly loaded album covers [Resolved]
Naim Uniti Atom Upsampling problems
Core was used on a different network and now iOS cannot connect [Resolved]
History STILL not working properly and now a new issue [Fix being tested]
Losing Rendu audio zone [Resolved]
Playback pausing unexpectedly [Resolved]
HQPlayer no longer outputs [Solved, Restart]
I can't get roon to play my music
Roon does not output to my Mytek DSD 192 DAC nor to HQplayer [Solved, DAC config]
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Remote Issues [Resolved]
QB9-DSD + RPi - Issue switching sample rates [Resolved]
Roon 310 crashed on startup [Resolved]
Every album imported is duplicated
Internet radio drop outs
Roon Bridge Linux not visible
Singxer SU-1 + Aqua La Voce S2 DAC
Every album imported is duplicated
NAIM Core not recognised by Roon -
Convolution - not working for USB but WORKING for Toslink/Optical
Lumin D2 not recognized
New database with old problems
Roon has quit playing!
Nexus 6P (Android 8) & P8 lite (Android 7) remote troubles
Roon Crashing in Macbook Mac OS sierra Out of nowhere
Have to reboot Sonos Connect - "Roon lost control..."
Roon is preventing Windows from sleeping
Two of three SQUEEZEBOX devices will not connect
All album and artist art disappear after migration
Since today, Roon stopped playing my library (but streams radio and Tidal)
Roon remotes not connection to Antipodes Server
No DSD512 Sound with my iDSD micro
Favorites frustration
Sonos "Playbar" disappearing
Thecus N2520 + fail to add network folder
RoonBridge need to be re-enabled on the server at each reboot
Single zone - "An audio file loading slowly..."
Roon pauses randomly
Resync delay problem with SBT into Meridian Speaker
"TIDAL: This track is not currently available from TIDAL"
Tracks disappear after clicking play
Audio devices gets reset after each Windows 10 build update
Disconnects from NAS
Lost Music Files loaded from my library
Disconnects from NAS
Downsampling problem
Not connecting to NAD M50.2
Playing at max volume (regardless of level) until touching the volume
Chord Poly, Roon, Tidal track not available
Squeezebox: mute is not mute
Roon not correctly reporting M-DAC+ modes
Throwing a party tomorrow night and can't get ROON to open on the Core
Throwing a party tomorrow night and can't get ROON to open on the Core
Audio issues over WLAN
Tidal Plays without droputs on Bluesound node 2 but not Roon
Scans 7000 tracks imports only 5000
Ipad endpoint with bluetooth
Sonos - "Lost control of audio devices" ("Play:1") ("Playbar")
Playback issues with the dCS Upsampler (Build 298)
Issues with ID40 and ID41 cards
Meridian zones disappearing
Bose speaker works fine with OSX but on Windows it skips through songs (local and tidal)
Roon is Crashing
Samsung Tab2 - Problem loading TIDAL content
Multiple Roon crashes and disappearances from network (Micro rendu + ATP )
Something strange with number of tracks imported (bug?)
Lose connection from NAS!
Issues with play from here and queue
Can't connect to Natiive Vita
Connection lost while playing DSF file
Lose connection from NAS!
Iphone X and Roon
Synology DS718+ incomplete listing of tracks until a reboot
Roon lost Control of The Audio device
Lose my library every time I shut down
Wifi Issues since Roon
Roon is not play some tidal songs
Roon + Bluesound problems
Roon lost network connection
Won’t play next song in the queue
Grouped Zone Playback gets stuck - BluOS + RoonBridge endpoints
"This track is not currently available" TIDAL error message
Cannot add Network Share
Roon not playing
Roon dropping Sonos endpoint after approx. 20 songs
Roon skip through tracks on playback - Restarting RoonBridge fixes the issue
Build 276 Android drops connection can’t find core
Content being pulled from NAS struggling to play
Today I rerun the roon but is not worked
Clicking Add Next in the last few seconds of a playing track crashes roon
Roon not discovering Devialet
ONKYO DP-X1 update and USB connect problem
Chord Poly, Roon, Tidal track not available
Problem streaming to Bluesound Pulse 2
Roon won't locate Meridian MS600 on network
"Add Watch folder" button issue
Distortion when playing back 24 Bit Files
Roon crashes under Win10Prox64
Roon crashes under Win10Prox64
Garbage sound each time I select a different album
Roon application can only be started once
iPad Pro album artwork and connectivity issues
Adding library on NAD M50.2
ROON / HQPLAYER stops when new track sample rate changes
Issues with files appearing to be corrupt, hearing pops
Roon core connection lost to backup folder after startup or reboot
Backup failing to Dropbox and external hard drive
Dropouts with Antipodes Server and Auralic endpoint
Missing Bookmarks (and editing questions)
Roon sounds like a machine gun after update [Fixed in Build 234]
Roon sounds like a machine gun after update [Fixed in Build 234]
Remote connectivity issues - iPad & iPhone
Chord 2Qute (visual only) glitch with Roon
Server shows "initializing" - Android app can't connect
"No audio device found" and no sound. Roon worked fine for months until now
Roon continues to crash
Of 12 tracks, 12 added, 0 identified
RoonServer requires stop/start to get Tidal working
No sound via HQ Player in Roon
Roon core not finding roon ready device
Missing albums / tracks
NAS Issue - "Unable detach Volume" [Solved]
Tidal keeps breaking on me
My High Res R.E.M. albums have disappeared, replaced by Tidal versions [Solved]
Many missing albums[Solved]
Skipping tracks before the end
Gapless Playback
Many duplicates with wrong network path
Roon 1.2 - No audio devices found [Solved]
Airplay: no Album Art on Yamaha Receiver
Losing Music from QNAP
Roon Status = "Corrupt Build", "Not Responding" (Windows) [Solved]
Can't find audio devices
How to change the Date Added?
Tidal won't login after latest roon update [fixed in 1.3]
Roon doesn't see Auralic Altair
Distortion and cracks while playing Audio (Simple Minds Hi-Res FLAC)
Roon won't open. Non-responsive
Lost most of a playlist and some tracks declared unavailable but are playable from the album they are on
Tidal won't login after latest roon update [fixed in 1.3]
New setup Roon server - no audio from Auralic Aries
Tidal won't login after latest roon update [fixed in 1.3]
Disappearing Albums?
0 identified, analyser not always analysing, how to update Roon? (1.2, b165)
Malfunction-Roon skips from one track to the next instantly!
Progress bar impacts sound quality
Mac Mini + Uptone USB Regen + Hegel H160
No playback anymore, neither from library nor Tidal
Every time I start Roon I get the message: There was an issue loading your database
Problem with playing 192kz files
Endpoint Not Showing Up
Transport: Failed to load media
Roon crashing and computer freezes
Finding iTunes library
Roon Remote (Windows) 'Not Responding'
Locked out of Roon [Solved]
The neverending logon
Can't see local files on Roon [Solved]
Mcintosh displays 48kHz all the time [Solved]
iPhone and iPad no Longer Connect to Roon
Mac Roon client fails to connect to remote Roon Core
File loading slowly [Solved]
Native DSD playback via USB to Bryston BDA3 - white noise
No album covers in Roon app for Windows7 [Resolved]
DSD files not playing in Roon with HQPlayer [Solved, MIDI volume]
Metadata (cover art to album association) messed up, what to do?
Hegel H360 internal DAC
No Sound on Some Tracks
Multiple Windows Remotes
Audio devices not appearing
Regular momentary break in playback
DEQX HDP5 gives error "Transport: Failed to open the device" [Resolved - USB type A to type B cable between the USB input card at the back of the DEQx and the bank of USB inputs under the power supply]
ROON with M2TECH HiFace 2 [Solved, Firmware update]
Audible clicks between tracks
OPPO HA-2 native support
MyTek 192 DSD Losing Lock Switching Sample Rates
Roon reports having problem loading my database [Resolved]
Airplay stuttering issues
There is a big noise when i directly unplug the power of the linux server
Streaming quality
Dropouts towards the end of long tracks
Roon skipping ahead to next track without playing music (SonicTransporter i5) [Resolved]
No Audio Output Options In Roon 1.2 (build 168)
Roon losing connection [Resolved - New Router]
History: odd behaviour [Resolved build 200]
Losing connection to Roon Core
Roon not seeing music on my NAS drive [Solved]
Roon crashes when I add or delete tidal albums from the library
Problem with TIDAL - Sync Playlist
No Audio Output Options In Roon 1.2 (build 168)
Occasional dropouts with Microrendu endpoint
Spontaneous re-indexing and old albums appearing as recently added
No album art in albums library view
Android "buttons" are slow to respond / don't respond
Can't get roon to connect
Roon Stuck Adding Music to Library [Resolved]
Intel NUC HDMI output suddenly gone silent [Resolved]
Can't get roon to connect
Core is no longer visible in my network?
Tidal Master audio - sounds terrible and pulsing noise
Jumps through whole album in 10 secs and no audio [Resolved]
No Audio Output Options In Roon 1.2 (build 168)
Connection problems: Track gets skipped
Losing Connection to Core with Nexus 6P
There Was An Issue Loading Your Database - Why Is This Appearing?
Roon update link does not work on second windows machine[answered]
1.3 - Sonic Transporter not connecting to remote
1.3 Roon lost control of the audio device (when starting DSD playback) [Resolved - 1.3]
Can't Access Core in Build 194 Linux Core
Spinning wheel goes on and on after slight change in iTunes
Program won't load past intro splash screen
Roon Remotes' intermittent struggles with connectivity
Crashing on mac quite regular; once per day
Roon remote cannot find remote libraries or core [resolved]
Roon remotes do not connect to core
Playback stops after 60 seconds
Alert: TIDAL: tidal_network_error [AWS outage]
Parametric EQ - values entered are overwritten
Playback issues
RaspberryPi connection issues [resolved]
RaspberryPi connection issues [resolved]
Roon 1.3 crashes: Can't log in to Roon Core after update to macOS sierra 10.12 [Resolved]
I have a question why iphone x does not see audison with DAC TEAC
How do you all seem confused like the answer is not found
Sonos connection drops frequently [improved build 207]
Stuck on white screen with Roon logo (mac) [Resolved]
Qnap 253a to oppo sonica dac(usb connection)
Roon not playing since last update [Resolved]
Can't Access Core in Build 194 Linux Core
Crashing while setting up audio outputs
System Output/Bose Audio Zone Skips through all songs
Roon Core pegging my CPU when in full screen on macOS
Blue Sound devices have disappeared from Audio options [Resolved]
Tidal - bad user name or password [Resolved]
Sound is dropping out during playback
Roon not loading database, help please
Songs cut short
Roon won't open past the loading screen (Windows 10) [Resolved]
Can't find my HD tracks download in roon [Resolved]
Roon can see the SONOS end point, but can not stream to it [Resolved]
Roon's Failure to Load Music
Sonos playback errors - "Roon lost control control of the audio device"
Setup Audio in Roon [resolved]
No Audio Devices found (Chord Hugo)
Musicvault M7 - Can't get Roon to work - it was working [Resovled]
Roon remote not finding core [Solved, Windows update reverting default firewall]
Musicvault M7 - Can't get Roon to work - it was working [Resovled]
Multiple Roon Remotes accessing one instance of RoonServer?
Audio zones disappearing on Mac Mini
iPad Roon Remote Loosing Connection Every 30 sec [Resolved]
Strange – ROON collapsed after switching the DSP engine [Resolved]
An audio file is loading slowly - slow stutter on high res playback
Playback issues - iMac Core + MacBook Pro endpoint
No Audio from squeezebox Duet, SB2 or Boom
Remote connectivity issues - best networking practices? [Resolved]
Roon Will Not Connect with Remote App Devices
Roon Will Not Connect with Remote App Devices
Regular Roonserver crashes?
Tidal has dropouts while playing 16/44 in Radio Mode
Remote Can't find core on SMS 200
Pop on Sonos ZonePlayer (Connect) Output When Skipping Track
Library disappeared
RoonServer Crash (Linus/iPad Reconnect)
2 of 8 existing files not recognized
Roon and Devialet Air 3.0.4
Weird album images
Backup not running
Merged albums not propagating to remotes
Roon forgets the first track at my imported music
Lost Audio Outputs via Roon
RoonBridge two instances in OSX Activity Monitor?
Roon Music not streaming to Airport Express
Tidal cover art missing [Resolved]
To much problems and work with Roon, since the last updated version!
No sound from Roon again
Android wifi problems when trying to use Roon
24/192 files breaking up [resolved]
No audio on some songs
Roon + Sonos not working
Possible Library Corruption
Roon Remote crashing Samsung Galaxy S7
Cycling through songs without playing them [Resolved]
Nucleus cant find enpoints/music zones [Resolved with reboot]
To much problems and work with Roon, since the last updated version!
Auralic Aries Display [Resolved - build 223]
Merged Albums Keep Separating
Squeezebox Streaming - no longer get the clock data
Apple Server Crash [Resolved]
Roon server no longer functioning on windows 10 PC [solved, antivirus messed up]
Network share location issue after Windows 10 pro creators update [Resolved]
Roon has trouble with large albums? Audio break-ups
Really slow core
iOS Remote connection problems since update to 1.3, 218 [Resolved]
Build 218: Transport: Failed to select Roon as the current source [Krell Vanguard Digital]
New audio renderer/zone in roon server
Roon 1.3 on sonictransporter i5 unstable (connection loss, hangs)
iPad/iPhone keep disconecting from the Roon Core on a QNAP server [Resolved - reinstalled Roon]
Tracks "play" in 1-2 seconds?
Roon 1.3 core crashing on mac mini after client connect [Resolved - Energy Saving Settings Were Adjusted]
DAC not recognized [Resolved - Firewall settings]
Can't log into Roon! [Resolved]
iFI Audio iDSD Micro - DSD512 capable but Roon displays DSD256 as max
Album Art not displaying
Issue with multiple parts (songs) showing up since updating to 1.3
Macbook remote losing connection to Musicvault M7
Local audio not found on remote computer [SOLVED]
Managing audio devices on remote
Second computer Mac, with hqplayer integration
Roon does not scan audiofiles on Synology DS415+ NAS [SOLVED]
Network dropouts OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
Roon 1.2 crashing daily in OS X 10.11.6
Roon keeps sputtering until it finally crashes
Roon detects my PC's sound 7.1 but cannot to set to 5.1
Sonos - Lost control of audio device
EC Living TANA SL-1 , Apple Airplay
Network share disconnects after reboot
A connection issue?
Roon won't play since software update
Bryston bdp2 digital player
Roon don't play music, sometimes
Roon Stops Playing Randomly To Pi Endpoint (DietPi & IQAudio Dac+)
Roon stops playing after 20 minutes or so, sometimes more fequently
Build 269 causes a problem with my NAS
Updated Roon to the latest version and Mac crashes
Roon stops playing after 20 minutes or so, sometimes more fequently
Roon stops playing after 20 minutes or so, sometimes more fequently
Roon stops playing about 90 seconds into a song
Updated Roon to the latest version and Mac crashes
Application install post-update failed
Cannot delete album from Roon
I have two of everything; like Noahs Ark
M4As producing "tac tac tac noise"
Crashing on MacBook Pro (OSX 10.12.6)
MacBook Air - Stops once per session
Roon won't sign in
I´m not able to connect my Tidal account
Crossfade not working at all
Tracks with three periods in the file path fail to export
Radio function is playing the same content multiple times
Roon Login - "Unexpected Error" message (Win8.1)
ROON/AIR Devialet Issue
Newbie Questions re iTunes on NAS
Build 161: iPad seems to take longer to initially connect to Roon server?
V1.2 Build 161 Mytek Brooklyn losing lock
Unable to use 'Copy/Paste' when editing Version
Missing Tracks In Roon
Build 162 Dropping Core (RoonServer) Connection
No artists found
No Audio Devices Found
Connection to Audio Device - No Response? [Resolved]
Remote connection problems with iPad
Can't mount shared disks on a Apple Airport Extreme [AFP Mount]
Audio analysis completed, but I'm still getting stuttering
Using ipad, can't select audio device
There was an Issue Loading your Database - trial period
Multiple Forced Rescans Needed After Reopening Roon
Streaming problem for the first 2 / 3 tracks of each album
Roon won't launch on Mac mini
Roon won't launch on Mac mini
Roon not seeing DAC [Solved]
Album cover art continues to disappear slowly but surely
Tidal album import is slow; CD album import has no Roon artwork
Roon crashes constantly
Linux Roon server not playing high res files to Squeezebox [Fixed in 1.3]
Roon and Dirac won't connect
Roon keeps crashing after audio zone changed
Apple airport time capsule problem [solved]
Roon Hanging on Identification Step
Problemo: Duplicate music folders in Storage section in settings
Build 157 not playing M4A files
USB audio interfaces not recognised by Roon
Remote loses core
Remote loses core
Remote loses core
Roon slow and saving takes forever looses connection
Zone is no longer identified and I-Mac with 4 hard drives isn't recognized
Half my music no longer shows up and new additions also do not show up
Internet Radio - Unable to change streams from iPhone
Internet Radio - Unable to change streams from iPhone
Endpoint syncing - lots of posts, no solutions from staff?
Roon + HQPlayer + crossfade active results in cutted tracks
No artists found
Tidal login issue "network error: please check your internet connection"
Roon server crashes when editing watched files
The images are missing from album covers
Downloaded OS X update and now Roon won't play
Connecting to Anthem receiver (HQ Player error message)
iTunes Library on iMac (separate from QNAP NAS) not recognized on ROON (running on QNAP Linux Core)
Yet another importing issue/question
microRendu with Roon
Build 147 Roon update caused database update
Japanese Word Display Failure + Shut Down When Delete Songs + Edit Songs
Error retrieving account information [Solved]
Roon/Tidal not working properly [Resolved]
Trouble getting HQ Player to work [Solved]
No Audio Devices Found with 1.2 [fixed]
Issues With Roon and Hqplayer
iPad can't connect to Roon server - even wth IP address (Roon 1.2 build 147)
Roon hangs at the end of a song
Roonserver constantly using network and CPU?
Roon and Antelope Audio DAC issues
Connecting Mac to Antipodes
Roon not playing any song
More than 4 days for loading my files?
Can't Connect To Core After Inactivity
iPhone app looses connection to library
Tidal error when looking at my favourites[Solved-ish]
Missing System Output
Roon Remote won't connect
Roon skipping ahead to next track without playing music (Mac Mini)
Stuttering audio
Roon lost my Aries each day [solved]
No audio devices in core
Loud pops when Roon switches tracks playing Redbook, hi rez, etc
Difficulty changing library to new computer - have tried all listed processes
Totally unstable and useable
Totally unstable and useable
Working fine yesterday but nothing today
Trying out Roon what a mess
Folder is not available or deleted after reset
Windows Roon Server / iPad client
Remote "Failure to Connect"
The topic is "I'm a lousy computer operator"
Is adding to Library from Watched Folders Automatic?
Roon can't locate library
Constantly crashing. Is there any actual support?
My Playlists in Tidal are missing [Solved]
Very very low through my Ayer DSD DAC [solved]
Build 88 Add To Library Not Working Properly
Playback stops - Tidal
TIDAL "Syncing Library Now"....nothing being added
Build 88 - Roon crashes on startup
Roon intermittently loses contact with airplay and raspberry pi
Getting Started
Build 88 - Roon 64 bit (Windows) keeps crashing
Newly added albums appeared but do not play
Reset search option? [Solved]
Huge gaps in library
Is Roon supposed to take upwards of 15 minutes to start?
Roon not connecting with my DAC, Ammara is & Tidal is
Roon not connecting with my DAC, Ammara is & Tidal is
Tidal Favorites Coming and Going [Solved]
Roon remote crash [Remote Connection]
Roon connected to Lampizator DSD DAC [Solved]
Focus: Inspector screen not closing [Solved]
Gary Moore albums do not appear in Roon
Roon Core/Meridian Endpoints disappearing
Core is no longer visible in my network?
RoonBridge Zone drops with 1.3 build 208
Rolling Stones In Mono DSD64 Download - Roon Split in 2 Albums [Fixed]
A little convolution problem with DSF tracks [Resolved - bad file header]
Every ten or twenty miutes the music from Tidal cuts out [Resolved]
Cover art disappears [Resolved]
Switching Cores Forces me to Restart my mac
Remote issues, Roon not listed in FIrewall [Resolved]
Issue with Playback design MBD5 + USB-XIII
Playlist and like gone
Devialet with CI and roon
Roon server stops allowing connections
Playback @ 2x speed
Setup for pc with asus stx11 sound card, no sound
Instability in new Nuc setup [Potentially Resolved - failing SSD]
Music suddenly turns to pink noise
Remote connectivity issues - iPad & iPhone
Roonbridge and Teralink X2
Internet radio station not working - problem only on rpi3 running dietpi
Error loading Convolution Filter [Resolved]
Loss of Sound after 5 seconds
Skips Songs / goes quiet [Resolved - Other applications prevented Roon from fully updating]
Roon Server refuses to start [Resolved]
Tidal tracks skipping and not actually playing
No Volume Control and Play Starts at Max Volume
iTunes generated playlist not displaying correct track order in Roon
Roon and Naim Mu-so
DAC displays incorrect sample rate at random [Singxer Driver Not Ready]
Beginning of track is cut off
Roon loses audio zone
Roon loses audio zone
Roon frozen, then lost core [Resolved]
Playing AAC files causing "modem-like" noises [Resolved]
"Cannot load app"
No music playback
Android Zone dropout
Galaxy S7 Edge - Roon errors
Roon forgets the first track at my imported music
Failed To Get Authorization To Access Your Account
Inscrutable User Interface
ROCK not responding to mDNS queries [resolved 1.0.75]
The return of "TIDAL login failed"
No Media Device Found
Roon sounds like a machine gun after update [Fixed in Build 234]
Build 234 stops every few minutes
"Machine Gun" Noise On Windows
DSD via DoP problems (Raspberry Pi?)
Android app having trouble finding Linux Core
iPhone7 not connecting
ROCK crashed on NUC (NUC7i7BNH)
Problem assigning output to channels other than 1 and 2 on the Mac
Couple of things in latest release on ROCK
Noise on DSD up-sampling with a Vega Dac
Trouble getting Qsonic export files to load into Roon
No Audio Output
Roon remote (Android tablet) - Grouping Endpoints while in an idle state
Can't find WASAPI drivers
Cant connect to ROCK
Roon loads but wont play anything
ELAC Discovery - NOT adding new Music to Library with "ä", "ü", "ö", "ß" in Title
Roon and Tidal glitching
22 Files Have Gone Missing In ROON But Appear In Other Players
Roon and Tidal glitching
Zone grouped Naim Muso and QB - Only have sound from Muso
T+A ASIO Driver with Tidal "crashes" (new)
Multipart tracks [Resolved]
DSD experience with Volume Control Mode
Decreased volume since latest build / update
Sorting out my music library
(Roon Staff) #5

Reporting An Issue To Roon Support

Still having a problem? Something seems wrong? Roon’s community site is where you can find the answers you need.

The Roon team keeps a close eye on the Support section, and with help from members of the community all kinds of questions get answered quickly.

If you need to report an issue, just flag @support when you post, making sure to:

Describe Your Setup
Tell us about your setup when reporting an issue. If you’re already running Roon (or trying to run Roon and having an issue), be sure to let us know:

  • what version of Roon you are running (Settings > About; If you’re running Windows, please let us know whether you’re running 32bit or 64 bit)
  • What operating system you are running (Windows 7; OSX 10.9; etc)
  • Basic information about the device you’re using (MacBook Pro 2011 w 4gb of RAM; HP Envy laptop w i7; etc).
  • Describe where your music is stored – this includes hard drive description and interface type (USB, Firewire, etc. If you are using a NAS or any other kind of network storage, be sure to include the information requested in the Network section below)
  • Let us know your collection size (approximate number of tracks)

Describe The Issue
(if you’re having a specific issue or crash)

Feel free to ask general questions about Roon, but if you’re having a crash or some other specific issue, let us know when it happens. This could be “every time I start the app”, or “every time I click a certain button”, but the more information you provide, the better.

If you’re having problems with audio, let us know what you’re using and what you’ve tried. If your DAC is having issues, let us know what model it is, and whether you’re having issues playing out of the speakers on your laptop.

Just click the New Topic button and let us know this basic information about your question or issue. Thanks!

Additional Details

For some issues, additional details may help us resolve the issue more quickly.

If your issue is related to network connectivity, only happens with certain files or Tidal content, or only happens when you play through certain outputs (like only on your DAC, or AppleTV), make sure to provide the relevant information below.

This will ensure that Roon Support can help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Describe Your Network
(if you’re having an issue that involves networked components)

If your issue is related to your network, let us know the basics of your network. If your system includes networked storage or audio zones, or Roon running as a remote, be sure to include:

  • What router are you using? When did you last update the firmware?
  • Is there any other networking hardware involved?
  • Is everything wired, wireless, or is there a mix of wired and wireless gear?

Describe Your Media
(if the issue involves playback)

If your issue is related to playback, let us know what you’re trying to play, specifically:

  • What format and type of file are you trying to play?
  • Does this issue happen with all files or just some?
  • Where did the media come from? Did you rip it or convert yourself, or did you purchase it somewhere?

Describe Your Tidal Setup
(if the issue involves Tidal content)

If your issue is related to syncing, browsing, or playing Tidal content, please let us know::

  • What country your Tidal account is from?
  • Whether you have a Premium or Hifi (lossless) account
  • A link to the song(s) you’re trying to play on the Tidal website
  • What you’re seeing for Library Sync Time on the Services tab of Settings
  • If the issue involves a playlist that is failing to sync, please let us know
  • Whether it’s a private playlist you’ve created yourself, or something publicly available on the Tidal website
  • If it’s a public playlist, please provide a link
  • Whether the songs in that playlist can be played in Roon from other screens in Roon (ie, if you search for them)

Describe Your Output
(if the issue involves playback via a specific output)

Lastly, if your issue is related to a specific output (meaning it only happens with Airplay, or with your DAC, or when linked, etc), let us know:

  • What output are you using? (this could be System Output on Windows, a Meridian MS200, your DAC, etc)
  • What brand and model are you using (this could be the model of your DAC, or laptop, or something like Airport Express Gen2)
  • How is the output configured (the easiest way is to post a screenshot like below, but you can also tell us whether you’re using Exclusive Mode, how you have DSD conversion set up, etc)
  • Are you using anything else in your chain (such as DIRAC, Amarra sQ, etc)
  • Does this issue happen with different kinds of media (Tidal, FLAC, DSD, etc)

Screenshots of all audio settings (accessible from the small gear on the Audio tab of Settings) and Signal Path during playback:

Screenshot instructions for OSX
Screenshot instructions for Windows

Playing HiRes files on Mac Mini
70% of my music is not imported by Roon (Synology NAS)
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Squeezebox skips
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10,000+ Albums Subtracted One by One from Roon
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Roon stopping in windows 10
Cannot favorite (click the heart)[Ticket in]
How to delete tracks (from Tidal albums)
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Build 165: No sound using DoP [Fix in progress]
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Salkstream III: DriveNotReady errors [resolved]
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Odd volume control behavior on Mac remote app
Help with setup
Empty TIDAL Playlists
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How do I configure a Teac UD-503 DAC
Giving up - Error 68 connecting to time Capsule
"there was an issue loading your database" Mac Mini
BluOS Card Locking Up
1.3 update totally borked: CIFS shares go AWOL [resolved]
1.3 upgrade woes [resolved]
Repeatedly Losing Connection
Update aftermath comments[answered]
For those who had disappearing libraries in 1.2.... have you updated to 1.3? Results!
Sonos playback errors - "Roon lost control control of the audio device"
Crackling when playing 48kHz 24bit files in Roon 1.1
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Importing library problem
Why buy a "raat device"?
PDF files not showing up in Roon
Tracks incorrectly shown as works
Tidal playback delay
After Radio selections, remove buttons on queue are broken [Ticket in]
Backup failed at 2am
Artwork not showing up
New Roon Always stopped the Music. Many times the music stops. Roon exit itself. Thank you
Local files showing as "Unavailable", can't be played :/
Roon no longer playing back 176, 192 kHz files smoothly
Files won't start
Crackling on 1.3
Build 200 - two crashes today, very slow to detect now music
New Roon Always stopped the Music. Many times the music stops. Roon exit itself. Thank you
New Roon Always stopped the Music. Many times the music stops. Roon exit itself. Thank you
Where did all the Frequently Asked Questions go?
My B&W A7 is now unstable on ROON after the latest update (1.3) [Resolved]
Playback issues
Sonic Transporter not seen after update
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Library counts down when adding new content
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iPad lose every one minute connection
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Transport errors
Dropouts and errors with local content
Directstream Jr and HP Proliant Microserver: "Audio file is loading slowly" errors
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Network error: Please check your internet connection [Resolved]
Upgrade to Lifetime from Trial Roon
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Discover screen performance issues with Android 7.0 Nougat/Google Pixel C
Adding single files
iTunes doesn't update automatically, and the app is so slow I can't troubleshoot anything [Resolved]
Roon is crashing - Macbook Pro Early 2015 i5 Sierra v. 10.12.3
Regular Roonserver crashes?
Blue Sound support
Roon shutdown on a mac mini
Android App Disconnecting [Resolved]
Disc number tags not being picked up
Roon won't load iTunes music despite multiple attempts [Solved]
Select Audio Zones
Cannot play through OPPO BDP-105D
No cover art on 432EVO server
Roon/Tidal library empty after time machine restore
Transport: Roon lost control of audio device
Library disappeared
Roon skipping tracks during import on 1.3 build 209 [Resolved]
2 of 8 existing files not recognized
Roon won't work with SoTM SMS 200
Lost Audio Outputs via Roon
Required Audio Codecs Missing error on Windows 10 Pro N
Maximum number of "multiple versions"?
Macbook remote losing connection to Musicvault M7
Cannot get remote function to work [Solved, Firewall]
Roon pauses at random
Static When Upsampling 24/192 to DSD or PCM (384kHz)
Have Roon use tag data for all existing albums
Zone Distortion
Very Large Album will not load [Resolved Build 223]
Roon showing albums as CORRUPT
OpenGL error on startup Windows 10 64bit-Intel update gives 'unknown error'
DSD converted to PCM?
Build 216 stuttering sound during playing tracks
Can't Login to Last.FM [Resolved - Build 234]
Album Arts Mixed Up on Roon Library Page as Viewed on iPad
RAM Usage on Linux using Vortexbox distro
Playback @ 2x speed
Windows 10 N Roon Server 1.3 not working with Media feature pack installed
Roon, microrendue Transporter i5 "Lost Connection" ills
Force Rescan Always Needed
Use of IPv6 by Roon core
1.3 latest build RAAT keep using about 30% of CPU usage
Tidal playlist shows empty but it's not
Before you start
Albums missing after import
Where have my albums gone?
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CPU on the NAS is jumping to 25%
Mac book becomes a" problem child "out of nowhere
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Audio Devices can't be found in Roon
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Experiencing sporadic audio dropouts
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Check out the Roon Knowledge Base
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Volume goto 100 even hardware limit set to 50
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Navigating to Genre Page
Roon fails to connect without core reboot
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Did update this morning now nothing works
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Roon not responding again
Roon will not connect [Solved]
About the Support category
New trial period?
Odd volume control behavior on Mac remote app
How do I opt out of this. Nothing works! Do I lose my $500.00 oh well, it is better than the years of frustration trying to get this silly shit to work?
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No sound after updating to 1.2[solved]
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Horizontal scrolling, is jerky not fluid in Windows, on iPad artwork is not cached & comment Volume bar
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DAC not showing correct resolution[SOLVED]
Playback Tidal tracks in Roon
Build 102 Windows 10 Roon crashing on file scan
Build 102 - All remote clients crashing on startup
Mcintosh C 48 won't play in Exclusive Mode [Solved]
Won't recognize a new folder of music unless it's at the root of the watched folder[Solved]
Roon doesn't download cover when identifying albums [solved]
DSD playback pops/clicks
RoonReady Auralic Aries doesn't show up
Build 102 Failing to start "side by side configuration is incorrect"
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